the mrbrown show: mrbrown and Pipples unplugged and unleashed

Sometimes, low-tech hi-tech just works better. Forget laying down the digital tracks in Garageband, man. Just find a funny friend, hit record on your iPod with an attached iTalk mic, and talk non-stop, unscripted, and totally uncensored, for 22 minutes on anything and everything. And viola voila, the longest and probably funniest browncast evar.

I hang again with Pipples (first identified in Cowboy Caleb’s blog and now famous for his Hokkien singing in a previous browncast), and we talk about everything from buying luxury cars, to Xbox game Star Wars Kotor II (Knights of the Old Republic) to Aksi Mat Yoyo (a Malay children’s program from long ago), to smoking being banned in too many places.

Small warning: this browncast has a smattering of swearing because Pipples is a foul-mouthed gangsta.

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 22 March 2005: mrbrown and Pipples unplugged and unleashed (MP3, Filesize: 5.2mb, Time: 22:14)


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