the mrbrown show: Hossan Leong guests

The very funny and talented Hossan Leong is our guest for this show!

We chat about his upcoming show called “Do you know the way to Copacabana?”, which takes place at West Coast (the Singapore one, not the USA one) Park, on Sunday 8th January 2006, 5pm, a tribute to Barry Manilow and Burt Bacharach. Free one, so please go!

He also shares about his other projects like Army Daze, and gives us an audio tour of his new home.

And in case you did not know by now, Ah Hock in Zhng My Car 4 was played by Hossan himself.

Wah lau eh!

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 6 Jan 2006: Hossan Leong guests (MP3, Filesize: 5.3mb, Time: 00:15:08)


7 Responses to “the mrbrown show: Hossan Leong guests”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    funny!!!! good work mb and m.m.!~

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Hey the server very lag leh, many times i download also lag leh, not one time only. Do something with it leh. Maybe find a good ftp or something la. Pleaselar.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    waoh got hossan doing the show with u …. great to hav him as a guest ….i hope for more and better guest… then go to guest house eat drink for free …. haha…great show anyway … haha

  4. Anonymous Says:

    this show hor.. like very advertisement leh.. like hossan leong purposely come on the show to do advertisement for the sunday thingy and for himself…

    Not say i want to say hor.. i think hor.. the show should stay true to their crap, jokes and whateva lor…

    I give u example.. u watch those PSC nite hor… always got those special guest come wan… come for wad leh? come to promote wad they going to do leh… like their new album blah blah blah..

    i not saying dont want all this guests to come on brown show lah… but dont like advertisement lah… maybe like iintroduce him abit than can liao… stick to the original material… more fun mah…

    please dont turn this place into 95fm and perfect 10 liddat.. so commercialised.. always people promote here promote there.. everywhere advertisement….

    i think u understand ba….

  5. Anonymous Says:

    cant even dwl at all. can you like hav more sources for ur podcasts? thxs.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Hey.. just wanna let u know that i totally enjoyed the interview with Shelley Leong and Az Samad! You all can totally pass off as professional DJs! And I think that you all are even better that some mediacorpradio DJs who do very lousy interviews. Anyway, I think you all should interview some of the Singaporean bands as well.. One such band I would really love to hear on your show is the band called EIC. I’ve heard them play at Wala wala on friday nights and I think they’re really cool, although they are somewhat a cover band, but they have done a really good Christmas song last year. Keep up the good work dudes.. Miyagi and Brownie rocks!!!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    All my malaysian friends in US fell in love with your show mannn, especially the singlish used…they laughed until BING!! But the Zhng my car shows getting a bit lesser power…maybe should include some more car stuffs(funny ones of course),instead of talk cock..should do it like the episode 1. Anyway, maybe can start a blog about usage of singlish or singlish translation..using chinese, english(real english), malay, tamil, cantonese, teochew and other languages to do a translation and introduce our powderful singlish to the world. ppl here are always curious abt the slangs used in singapore…they just thought it’s ah beng and ah lian lanaguage…but truth’s so “to the point and funny and catchy” if u get the meaning behind the correct word versus the singlish.

    BTW hor, get rid of Hossan Leong for the character Ah Hock…damn, Ah Hock is suppose to be a hokkien ping…but the ah hock played by him become so gay and articulated….not verli typical for a person named Ah Hock

    Sincerely awaiting for such a topic to start in here.