the mrbrown show: the persistently non-political podcast no. 11


The PNPP team explores the impact of grades and exams on Singapore education. What is a good result? Are students under enormous pressure to perform? What is the new A-star grade?

We put schools to the test to find out.

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 10 May 2006: the persistently non-political podcast no. 11 (MP3, Filesize: 1.1mb, Time: 00:02:51)


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One Response to “the mrbrown show: the persistently non-political podcast no. 11”

  1. Ah Boy Says:

    I also say hor, school now sure very stress one lah. Exams in Singapore always like that want. I happen to know poor James from P6 . . . din pass up exam papers, and the teachers all like want to “piak” him. But James aledy so sorry and cry also. But Principal say mother come also no use, sure want to “piak” his backside in front of whole school. Now principal and teachers make sure exam only can be taken by good, clean pupils from schools with white uniform, whitewashed with bleach. School students with dirty, blue uniform or otherwise must take exam in different way. Exam dates for them only know just before exam. Also har, exam must all be video taped, just in case never pass up paper again. Oh yah, exam never know where to take too! My mother say hor, if like that how to do well in exams. But the teachers some more scold these pupils (not in white ones): Why you pop up suddenly for exams, and disappear after that? Of course lah! Even my mama shop uncle also know. If you don’t let these blue students do same exams as those white students, and some more “tekan” them with more rules, and don’t let them sit at principal’s meeting, of course disappear after exams lah! Some even “kena” detention, some even “kena” confiscate all toys and even pocket money huh. School now a days stress lah!