the mrbrown show: no more bird


mr brown and Mr Miyagi went to the market to buy some birds, but found out that some Ang Moh bought them all.

Special thanks goes out to our “choir”!

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 15 May 2006: no more bird (MP3, Filesize: 1.4mb, Time: 00:02:39)


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21 Responses to “the mrbrown show: no more bird”

  1. Mr Brown Fan Says:

    Excellent episode, laungh until peng!

  2. Realm of the darkangel Says:

    Richard Gere scammed…

    And also, don’t miss the podcast by mrbrown and mr miyagi while you’re at it… haha.. It’s damn funny.. Especially the hokkien part!!

  3. Come Here For Free Brain Haemorrhage Says:

    10,000 stupid birds…

    And I just love this hilarious take on the advertisement from the mr brown show, done by mr brown and Mr Miyagi….

  4. Derrick Says:

    Almost better then zheng my car 1!!!

  5. LOL Says:

    hahhahahaha. Had me laughing all the way. Better than Zhng my car and can compare to the Mee Pok Man. xD

  6. Heiroglyphics by Happenchance Says:

    It’s the mrbrown show once again!…

    The following are highly recommended podcasts that you should listen to, no matter who you are and where you come from (but it’s better if you’re Singaporean)….

  7. MrYaNdAo Says:

    L0L!!!!no more birds hahha uncle war i buay jiao.L0L!!!

  8. vivinefertari Says:

    so stupid…
    lmtao.(laughing my thin ass off)
    sent it to my friends.
    “Eh why your car full of bird shit ah?”


  9. ignyte_myheart Says:


    My obsession with this commercial first started when I watched the mr brown show, where one of the episodes was a spoof of this commercial. UBER funny. GO WATCH K!…

  10. apples of gold in settings of silver Says:

    Richard Gere cannot count…

    Download the podcast and listen! Die laughing…

  11. Kaizome Says:

    i laugh like siao

  12. LALALa........ Says:

    veri funny lor…..
    laugh like crazy…….
    the best part is the erm………
    all this stupid chinese people talk talk talk talk talk you think this market place,wait,it is market place ,sorry ar…..

  13. jinz Says:

    hellos mr brown or mr miyagi… i know its kinda like a very late reply to this show, but i love this show best currently.. and im having problems dling this into my com… because i dl-ed the podcast on 3 aug, i cannot seem to get any previous shows… so can you help me on this??

    much thanks.

    p.s uncle ah.. wa ai bue jiao!!

  14. Student Says:

    What does the hokkien part mean?

  15. Evriting fades away....nothing lasts forever... Says:

    ehx gd rite fascinated by the cursing damn funny sia HAHAx

  16. fuck u Says:


  17. unknown Says:

    eh…can anyone teach me how to download file from this website?

  18. Cool Says:

    what is the chinese part’s meaning or transalation?

  19. nottikia Says:

    hahahahhahaha, funny nia,hope u make some more, mai hum mai hum….. mee siam mai hum, remember!!!!

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