the mrbrown show (video): Flush of Fury

Flush of Fury

We have to say we were appalled by the toilet fight Youtube video uploaded by one of the kids in said toilet. For one, it was not much of a fight, and for another, the camera work was terrible.

So we at the mrbrown show decided to remix what was an already silly little fight, to see if we could take it to the next level of silly.

Please note that this video requires Quicktime and it is a large file.

Please also note that mr brown does not condone or encourage fighting. mr brown thinks fighting is dumb, not that it would stop kids from doing these dumb things.

Or filming them.


Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show (video) 18 May 2006: Flush of Fury (Quicktime Movie, Filesize: 26.9mb, Time: 00:02:13)


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