the mrbrown show: los angeles day 4 in hollywood

los angeles day 4

We went to Beverly Hills and the big-assed Grove mall and Farmer’s Market.

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3 Responses to “the mrbrown show: los angeles day 4 in hollywood”

  1. Nicktay Says:

    Try going to Canada…miles and miles of spaces between two small towns :)

  2. Faithful Reader Says:

    Woah.. i can imagine when you guys describe the “distance” and the huge mall that you are in….. :)

  3. Susan S. Says:

    Dear Mr. Brown and Mr. Miyagi,

    I started reading your blogs and listening to your podcasts last February. At the time, I was living in Minnesota, USA and preparing for a move to Singapore. I’ve appreciated learning more about my new home through your media.

    I finally made the big move to Singapore on July 19, and now you are in the US! I am loving hearing your take on LA, listening to you analyze American culture just as I’m doing the same thing with Singaporean culture.

    Thanks for the podcasts– I don’t even mind unpacking when I can listen to the two of you.