the mrbrown show: maid owner’s manual

There is a new brochure for employers of foreign domestic workers in Singapore. Maybe we need an even more comprehensive one — an “owner’s manual”.

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Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 28 July 2006: maid owner’s manual (MP3, file size: 3.4mb, Time: 00:09:31)


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16 Responses to “the mrbrown show: maid owner’s manual”

  1. "Dr." Bob Says:

    Didn’t know you can still do local issue while overseas

  2. me Says:

    hey mr kim mun lee, i wonder how you can get access to the internet while ur flying. how did you do it?

  3. budong Says:

    hey mr brown and mr miyagi,

    i was just wondering where u all record the podcasts?

    TAke CAre!

  4. Joshua Says:

    Nice one.
    To ans budong i think they use ipod.
    Anyway …
    As usual…

    When is Zheng Your Car 11 out!?
    Will the jap dude get his car back!?

  5. Lincoln Says:

    No wonder I am not allowed to get maid…

  6. Ade Says:

    hey mr brown n mr miyagi,

    just feel like saying you guys are awesome… really entertaining listening to ur podcasts n all e little things u post on your websites… can’t help but say that u guys ROCK THE TOWN!!!!!

  7. Passo Says:

    Nice work Mr.Brown. Always a fan

  8. K L CHUA Says:

    Wow…I enjoy your podcast. u r lame…nope i should say you are honest and frank….u indeed very funny… No Mr Brown No life in a stressful city Singapore. keep up ur good creative fun work

  9. ZZ Says:

    Awesome, Brings the message across more strongly than any TWC2 and cheng hu exhortations to treat FDWs nicely. Shows how CB singaporeans can be. Hope many of these assholes can reborn as maids in next life and kena sent to those hum sap princes and brats in saudi arabia

  10. Willy Says:


  11. Sherman Says:

    well done !! support mr brown n mr miyagi - our local comedian

  12. wildbluefox Says:

    knnbmfccb…lol sia this is lyk so damn funny…my friend laugh until he lau sai in his pants at my house…

  13. sherlin Says:

    You guys rox!!!!

  14. Daren Says:

    Man you guys are cool, really laugh my ass off the edited PM’s speech. Thats the talent man! keep it going!

  15. eugene Says:

    hey mr. brown.. u rock! burn my backside! haha..

  16. jiagui Says:

    brochure ensures warranty?