On the set of Crossing Jordan

Our Universal Studios meeting also got us a great look at the actual set of Crossing Jordan, the NBC series. This is the autopsy room.

Road Trip: Los Angeles Day 5

We also saw the cadavers they use for the show, which cost more than US$40,000 each, I am told. They change the heads to use the fake cadavers again and again. Very life-like these things.

Road Trip: Los Angeles Day 5

This is Artgerm looking suspiciously at the equipment in the room. Dunno if the stuff is real or not, he seems to be thinking.

Road Trip: Los Angeles Day 5

Blood stains add to the realism of the Crossing Jordan set.

Road Trip: Los Angeles Day 5

This is one of the cameras used to film the show. Other cameras are steadycams carried by cameramen who walk through the set following the actors.

Road Trip: Los Angeles Day 5

You can even see the X-rays.

Road Trip: Los Angeles Day 5

Maybe Ed is thinking of joining the show? As cast or cadaver? Hahaha!

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  1. gong kia Says:

    your friend Ed in that last picture there looks like a real friendly, warm and easy to get along kind of guy. I don’t know, he’s got that kind of a sincere and embraceable kinda face. Ever thought of using him on the show?

  2. LIM Says:


  3. Hermann Says:

    You guys should produce Mee SiaM Mai Ham Tshirt soon ASAP and in white,black or better still red as the gravy colour,haha.