the mrbrown show: wonders of singapore 2

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Everybody’s favourite Singapore tour guide, Noodle Chia, is back! This time he is anti-terrorist trained!

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Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 15 August 2006: wonders of singapore 2 (MP3, file size: 3.1mb, Time: 00:07:38)


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10 Responses to “the mrbrown show: wonders of singapore 2”

  1. whispersfromtheheart Says:

    I think gahmen will be distributing booklet on what is vigilance to all Singaporeans soon .. hee hee

    Now the ministers still trying to define vigilance

  2. "Dr." Bob Says:

    Heh sofa again
    Wah… this noodle chia is damn annoying…

  3. zhihao Says:


    are they already in the process of incorporating the licensed tour guides into the part of the Corps in Vigilante Corps Act?

    cheers =P

  4. wildbluefox Says:

    well @ least noodle chia is like a bit twisted la…

  5. Noodle Chia Says:

    A bit lame leh…

  6. GuP Says:

    er, getting abit lame…not really funny.

  7. Jake Says:

    aint funny at times

  8. bel Says:

    is it just me or is noodle’s accent not really very chinese…
    sounds a bit malay right?

  9. [[ace`]] Says:

    well, I think the way noodle chia’s way of speaking is like so … erms.. lame…

    And it sounds so arty farty and high class . hahah!

  10. Benjiroo Says:

    Not really funny. Quite annoying, in fact.