mrbrown show t-shirts displayed at Heeren Action City

Tur Kwa Tee seen at Heeren Action City I am Singaporean t-shirt spotted at Heeren Action City

Taken by minee of SPUG. Now if people can send us some shots of themselves WEARING the t-shirts, that would be way cool too!

2 Responses to “mrbrown show t-shirts displayed at Heeren Action City”

  1. zhihao Says:

    T-shirt quality is not too bad, but the prints a lil’ smudged for a couple of T-shirts…
    anyway, i checked the turkwa T-shirts i’ve bought, the prints are still relatively ok…

    cheers =P
    PS: mee siam mai hum t-shirt rolling out soon?

  2. apple Says:

    received ur email reply… and rush down immediately to 1 of the ACTION CITY shop… great… now i have my own ‘tur kwa’ too