Talkingcock in Parliament on Tonight

Takingcock in Parliament

Reminder from about their event Talkingcock in Parliament tonight:

Just a reminder: tonight, 24 AUGUST 2006 is our ONE NIGHT ONLY ‘live’ event: TalkingCock in Parliament: We, the Citizens, a special closed-door session in support of InDigNation, consisting of light-hearted speeches about being Singaporean.

Speakers are all citizens, drawn from a variety of backgrounds, races, and sexualities, a tasty rojak of ordinary Singaporeans and special celebrity guests. You’ll be surprised who’s speaking! We even have a very prominent member of the Lee family in attendance, though it’s not who you might think it is… Let’s just say that he’s not a man-in-white, but is actually more closely associated with another colour… Curious? Come and lepak with us for a while and find out, lah. Wen die.

It’ll be at the Old Parliamentary Chamber upstairs at the Arts House, just behind the Victoria Theatre.

The proceedings begin at 8, but come early to get seats as it’s FREE ADMISSION and seats are limited. See you tonight!

6 Responses to “Talkingcock in Parliament on Tonight”

  1. zhihao Says:

    o.O so long its not a “Hong Men Yan” aka Red Gate Banquet… =)

    cheers =P

  2. loveless deejay Says:

    why put thursday? i tonight got to watch lost… sian

  3. anonymous Says:

    mr brown could u ask mr. miYAgi 2 wke up?

  4. inspir3d Says:

    i got an idea for a podcast.

    james lopez visited the bak chor mee stall right?

    then maybe

    mr lee hsien bong can visit the mee siam stall…

    mr lee ‘i want mee siam mai hum’

    mee siam man ‘err what u talking about, mee siam where got hum?’

    mr lee ‘er, no, i mean mee siam mai hiam’

    mee siam man ‘ok. sure or not?’

    mr lee ‘er, no i mean laksa mai hum’

    mee siam man ‘i sell mee siam not laksa!’

    mr lee ‘aiya, i think don’t want already la…’

    etc. etc.

  5. inspir3d Says:

    u should also make a music video for the mai hum podcast!!

  6. KiAm-Pa Says:

    yeah… went down to the old parliment and attend forum… the Talkingcock in Parliament is definately worth the trip… giving me a fruitful and fun evening… thumbs up guys and gals… good job…

    and argh~~~ forgot to draw enuff money… if not, i will definately buy your t-shirts from u guys…. mai hum mai hum… mai hum mai hum mai hum…

    and to Mr Brown… hope u get back your voice soon… waiting for ur next podcast…