Tuesday winners of the mrbrown show AMO daily giveaway contest!

Tuesday’s show question for the 5 daily AMO hampers:

Q2: What is the unique vital ingredient in Complete MoisturePLUS that helps sustain the well-being of healthy eyes?

a) Newater
b) Apple Juice
c) Teh-O Kosong
d) Taurine
e) Any clues?

The answer is D. Taurine. (And it is not spelled Torin or Torine hor.)

Congratulations to the five winners of the Tuesday prizes:

1. Thomas Teo
2. Ng Ailing
3. Stephen Yar
4. Winston
5. Kin-Yip Ho

We will be contacting you winners soon. You all so the clever lor!

And who is the joker who said Apple Joo, har? Hahaha!

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