Changes 2

In the midst of Singapore getting some hazing from Indonesia, the mrbrown show has also been evolving as some of you have no doubt noticed.

Changes 2

As of last night, with the symbolic sticking of the “Millennium Falcon Battle Station” sign on the recording studio door with Blu-Tac™ , we now declare this battle station fully operational. That’s right, no longer will the mrbrown show be recorded in a storeroom under a staircase next to a vacuum cleaner and a can of paint! Now we have our fancy-schmancy like-pro-liddat type of recording studio with 90% soundproof and acoustic foam treatment! Yes, no more accidental toilet sounds for us from now on — with our fancy studio, all toilet sounds are deliberately engineered! Now that’s progress I tells you!

Changes 1

And while moving from the old studio to the new studio, we started picking up people along the way, so just as mr miyagi aka ben has left the show to pursue his solo directions which we wish him all the best on, our credits now list:

the mrbrown show
Producers: mrbrown & Mr Tan

With the other creative talents of:
The Riveting Ruby Pan,
“DJ Momo” Marc Nair (that’s “nai-er” not “nehhh”!),
Imran the Barbarian.

And whoever else happens to be around that is free.

And the thankless behind-the-scenes crew:
Aloysius the Alloy,
The Alluring Adri.

So we look forward to your support as we continue to do our usual rubbish and of course, don’t forget to visit our advertisers who have also been helping to keep our show going!

P.S. Thanks also to LSV Enterprise for even more support with various recording equipment and wiring up the studio, and Frank for his sound sound advice!

Here are most photos of the new place:

Changes 3

The Control Room. More gear coming into this part of the studio soon.

Changes 4

You can see one of the display cases of my toys (Go Revoltech and Star Wars toys!) through the window of the entrance to the Control Room.

Changes 5

Entrance to the Recording Studio.

Changes 6

Welcome to the Ready Room!

Changes 7

Ready for the growing team of the mrbrown show to do more shows.

16 Responses to “Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes”

  1. the mrbrown show » Blog Archive » Comments are open again Says:

    […] By special request, we’re also opening comments for those of you to make your well wishes/goodbyes to Mr Miyagi in our older Ch-ch-changes entry (link). […]

  2. Confederacy of Man Says:

    Good bye mr Miyagi, good luck in your “other projects”.

  3. HOHOHO! Says:

    I miss u Mr Myagi. Hope dat i can listen 2 ur voice again.

  4. Zuzie and Meggs Says:

    Bye-bye Miyagi, I’ll miss hearing ‘This is mr brown. And this is Mr Miyagi’ at the beginning of every show *sigh*. All the best in your projects, I hope to hear about them soon!

  5. Sam Toh Says:

    bye mr miyagi! no one can replace you really. its still funny but its different. we need your crap! haha. goodluck in other projects!

  6. jamez Says:

    I’ll miss hearing your voice Mr Miyagi. It was good while it lasted. And er…whatz gonna happen to the WTF show? I was so looking forward to it.

  7. Lester Says:

    Sighz…Y Mr Miyagi leave?Without Mr Miyagi, the Mr Brown show isn’t complete!Really really will miss your funny mimic voices that you always bring to the show and your jokes as well!Liked your role as ‘Corporal Pluto’ in the ‘Pluto is not a planet anymore’ episode.That was a blast man!I’m holding my tears back for now!(just kidding)All the best to u Mr Miyagi & really hope to hear from u soon somewhere sometime.And who knows?Mr Miyagi might be back teaming up with Mr Brown again to entertain us.

    Goodbye Corporal Pluto!

    Yes Sergeant!


  8. Jeremy Says:

    bye bye Mr Miyagi… definately gonna miss ur voice… but all e best 2 u…

  9. kira Says:

    mr miyagi come bak!!!!!!!!

  10. Thomas Says:

    MrMiyagi, you got back your car frm Johnny then you drive far far ar?

    Goodbye MrMiyagi & Good Luck~

  11. mai hum Says:

    goodbye mr miyagi, we really miss you. Now, even the Mrbrownshow music is cut. no more ‘welcome to the mrbrown show once again, this is mrbrown, and this is Mr Miyagi’

  12. Daryl Says:

    I know this is kind of late to realise, but after going through my backlogs of Mr. Brown show…… MR. MIYAGI IS MISSING!!!!

    It’s kinda sad to see him go… but….

    Best of Luck Mr. Miyagi! We’ll all miss you.
    *sob, sob*

  13. jen Says:

    we miss u mr miyagi!!!!!! the mr brown show is never the same w/out the so familiar opening “hello & welcome to the mr brown show this is mr brown, & this is mr miyagi” … pls come back soon!!!! )=

  14. Thomas Says:

    Well, it’s like 3 months after and I just realised Miyagi’s not in the show! First, good bye Mr Miyagi! Ben, you are as funny as I remembered (from those mud filled days :p)! Yes yes, I know you personally and was pleasantly surprised when I hear your voice on the podcast. The show’s still funny, but I kinda like the incessant giggling that accompanies all your shows; makes them easier for us the listeners to laugh with you!

  15. CDplayerman Says:

    mr miyagi i miss you!! You are so funny without you the mrbrownshow will not be so funny. Mr miyagi pls come back!!!! :(

  16. Hayley Says:

    always i used to read smaller posts which also
    clear their motive, and that is also happening with this post which I am reading here.

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