Completing the new mrbrown show studio

Studio Build Part 2 1of10

This is an update of the making of the new mrbrown show studio. We last showed you the studio taking shape, and we are pleased to tell you that it has come a long way from the wood and dust you saw in the earlier post.

In the photo above, the track lights had just been installed by the electrician.

Studio Build Part 2 2of10

This is what the Recording Studio looks like from the Control Room side of the window, with the lights turned on. More gypsum board would be added to the ones you see on these walls and those lines where the boards meet would be sealed with silicone sealant and then plastered before being painted.

Studio Build Part 2 3of10

Another view of the lights and window.

Studio Build Part 2 4of10

The walls are finally done and finished with paint. The carpeting is also laid.

Studio Build Part 2 5of10

It is time for Dean, our friendly sound engineer from LSV, to wire up the studio. He is building the snake that allows us to connect the audio and video cables between the Recording Studio and the Control Room. The cabling is the bridge that allows us to control all the mics in the Recording Studio from the mixer sitting in the Control Room.

Studio Build Part 2 6of10

We had a make-shift folding table in there temporarily because we were still recording for the daily shows. We made do with portable recording equipment like the HHB Flashmic, while the studio was being completed.

Ruby and the team gamely sat through all the phases of the studio’s development, recording shows while the contractors and sound people built the studio up, usually after the contractors left for the evening. Yes, we even recorded when the studio was but wooden frames and dust. Things got better over the weeks and this folding table stage was a welcome sight.

Studio Build Part 2 7of10

Dean is installing the two dbx 166XL Compressor/Gate/Limiters into the equipment rack (rack kindly donated by Ricky). The two compressors give us a total 4 channels to play with. There is also a Roller headphone amp in that rack, to drive the headphones all the cast members wear to hear what we are saying (and also what the recordist is say to them from the talkback mic from the Control Room side).

Studio Build Part 2 8of10

This is the team recording one Saturday afternoon, after all the audio stuff was installed. Things were working but just not arranged nicely yet. Such is the pressure of doing a daily show, production has to come first, the prettying up later. The charcoal-coloured foam pieces you see leaning against the walls are Auralex acoustic foam, the 2” Studiofoam Wedges. Those were not up yet at the time of this recording but having them in the room helped soften the hard surfaces a little.

Our production assistant, Aloysius, and I spent quite a bit of time getting those panels mounted on the walls with Foamtak spray-on adhesive, and we had to take frequent breaks to breath fresh air. If not, we sure high from glue one! Hahahaha! The pieces that had to be mounted on the ceiling were the hardest to do.

This foam helps to absorb standing waves and flutter echoes, and they really improve the acoustics of the room.

Studio Build Part 2 9of10

Colin Goh and Woo Yen Yen dropped by to record the NLB show and by this time the studio was already complete.

Studio Build Part 2 10of10

In fact, they were our first guests to record and break in the completed studio.

In a later post, I will show you the old recording store room we recorded from in the old office, before we moved. Let’s just say we are glad to have a place to do shows where we actually have air to breathe.

Here’s to more and better shows ahead!

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