the mrbrown show: bush comes to town

Air Force One
Photo by deadeyebart

George Bush comes to Singapore and exam timetables move! God-like!

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 17 Nov 2006: bush comes to town (MP3, file size: 2.2mb, Time: 00:04:34)


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15 Responses to “the mrbrown show: bush comes to town”

  1. Superks Says:

    yay! No more testing! No more O or A levels!! Wait… it doesn’t affect me… Uni still have quizes and exams… :(

  2. think Says:

    what a hilarious misunderstandings between exams and nuclear tests

    lol ,nice one!

  3. ilovebrown Says:

    HAHA YAH! I WISH MAN. but if no more O or A levels, it should have been announced sooner! Almost want to end already then suddenly no more. whats the pointtttttttttttttttttt a bit late lah.

    for the 1 hour thing my whole school was affected for the A Math paper.. turns out we also had one less hour to cram for the next chem papers too.. =\ if i get an A2 for chem it’s gonna be Bush’s fault. >=C

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  5. mrbrown_biggest_fan Says:

    it is so funi i lov it
    d wae tt u make d olevel n alevel sound lik nuke test
    n how bush mistakes it 4 a veri dangerous situation
    aniwae gd job …yay no olevel…wait…i onli sec1

  6. shawn Says:

    how much i wish this was true, then today i would have no exam…

    hate life during o-lvl(now) btw where u got air force 1 pix?

  7. MOCHS Says:

    I wished that happened for my paper yesterday!

  8. Red Dot Says:

    Come on Singapore, You could have done better. Calling Pakistan Rogue, WHY? Just because the media here always shows the country BAD.
    I love postponement of exams. Bush, you need to come over more.

  9. eww Says:

    cute…but the impersonation of george bush is pretty horrible

  10. Bill Says:

  11. Kevin Says:

    I wonder if you guys are doing a podcast on the Finnish moron who said welfare is not good. He is the same person who punched a Singaporean lady and was fined for it. The media is playing him up as a hero of sorts when we all know he is nothing but a criminal.

    Expatriates and FTs should stop commenting on Singaporean issues. If you need the articles I will be more than happy to provide, just email me.

  12. Barbara Says:

    That Texan accent as filtered through a Singapore accent was hilarious!!!!

    Laughing my ass off near Washington, DC, USA,


  13. Pet Trick Says:

    Eh? Pakistan rogue nation? Isn’t it Iran. Nice pod..

  14. James Says:

    Good podcast…. but I have to say, the texan accent was a little bit overboard and yet a little lacking in some… but who cares!!!

    Keep it up!!

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