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civil servants salaries up

Call the brown Psychic Network, at 1900-NOWHAT. Sometimes we scare ourselves.

Of course, we are very happy for all civil servants and their salary increases, yes even the ministers (you DO know ministers are civil servants too, right?).

If you want to listen (or relisten) to our psychic prediction about salary increases (and the reasons for it), tune in to the last bit of the “leave no man behind” episode which aired on the 16th of November 2006.

12 Responses to “the (psychic) mrbrown show”

  1. starhunk Says:

    if the civil servants did such a great job- why is the income gap widening? or is 66.6% the real marks?

  2. Hannah Says:

    66.6. Sounds apocalyptic.

  3. stat boardie Says:

    What about people in the stat boards? Are their salaries also increasing????

  4. Su Mengde Says:

    It is to be expected if you are a devout political analyst are you are fully aware of the trends in Singapore.

    By the way, I heard the rationale behind the salary increases is due to the rising salaries of the private sector. If you know Singapore’s policy of ensuring that salaries in the private sector should be at par to those in the civil service, that should not come too much of a shock.

  5. minimee Says:

    does this mean ministers’ pay will be increased too?

  6. brainiac Says:

    According to the articles, the private sector salaries and bonuses all gone up/going up so the gahment civil servants (and yes, stat boards) should also have/been going up. And they all lived happily ever after.

  7. brainiac Says:

    I work in the private sector, i didnt see an increase among my peers even in other companies. Probably the gahmen is smarter than me then.

  8. dinosaur Says:

    the funny thing is, most civil servants wouldnt last 5 minutes in the private sector where the salaries go up DUE TO BETTER PERFORMANCE of the individual or the company. Did our civil servants really do such a great job? Dont just increase because other people increase leh.

  9. Tommy Says:

    Not sure if my iTune is not working…. But when I play mrBrown show, the iPod just reboot….

    Any explaination?

  10. boon Says:

    Ministers are not civil servants, they are the political masters.

    But I’ve no doubt that their pay will go up in the near future, with the same old same old justifications.

    I feel sick..

  11. chinaman Says:

    To all Stupid Singaporean,

    Your President’s basic salary US$1,500,000 (S$2,507,200) while the Prime Minister gets US$1,100,000 (S$1,958,000).

    Minister’s Basic salary ranged from US$655,530 to US$819,124 (S$1,166,844 to S$1,458,040) a year.

    How much do you get a year or do your bosses, better… your CEO, get every year? With all the ministers sit quitely in the meeting can yet drawing such fat salary….

    How many of you think these ministers can be your companies CEO? Think about it…. we all stupid Singaporean.

  12. fynyx Says:

    I find strange, the comparison between public & private sectors ,
    especially in places where it does not correspond properly.

    Not all citizens work & earn salary in the government,
    in the way that all who work in a private company
    are hired & paid for it.
    It’s baffling then, to comment about
    how much more someone else gets,
    in an organization we are not employed in anyway.
    Envy alone does not get us that money eventually.

    Next, since the private sector focuses on profit,
    and the civil service focuses on the people,
    putting the two together on a competitive basis seems like
    setting up an exchange rate between apples & chocolates.
    Those who fare best in one sector may not successfully cross over
    into another sector, however attractive it may become.
    And they may not even want to.

    Much as we want to believe we have a say in
    public service salary raises,
    I suspect most of us are not the type of stakeholders
    who can quickly shape the situation,
    like buying & selling shares on the market can
    change a listed company’s standing.
    It’s another kind of ball game.

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