the mrbrown show: used tanks with coe for sale

Leopard 2
Photo by lafrancevi

Wonder if the Singapore Army got a good deal on their new used German Leopard tanks…

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10 Responses to “the mrbrown show: used tanks with coe for sale”

  1. Jedd the Jedi Says:

    You know, Leopard tanks really can fuly submerge! Looks like you did a little bit of research! I’m sure my army-crazed younger bro will love this one. Great stuff!

  2. kormmandos Says:

    It definitely reminded me of Zhng My Car.

  3. lol Says:

    alamk got tank on road one mer..

  4. Jack Says: add Cashcard reader?.. later go thru ERP kena summons. Foreign tanks can buy one day pass right?

  5. gorrila Says:

    walao my fren cant stop laughin!!

  6. ninski Says:

    Why does the Garmen seem to be buying from “Johnny”? Shoullen the seller be more ang moh ah? Anysways its is vely funny. We love it!!!

  7. CPI(Carpark Inspector) Says:

    Got Put Coupon? LTA got pass the tank?

  8. bearbear Says:

    lol…wat a joke.

  9. ryan Says:

    That is my squadron in Afghanistan and the tanks know how to kick ass

  10. mb Says:

    Hey ryan, they certainly look like lean mean fighting machines!

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