the mrbrown show: guess that show contest

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So you think you know your TV shows? Play this game with us and get mind-screwed! Guess which TV shows these themes came from and win a prize! Email us your answers in the correct order, to contest [at], with the Subject title as “Guess That Show Contest”. Closing date is Friday 22nd December 2006.

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Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 15 Dec 2006: guess that show contest (MP3, file size: 5.7mb, Time: 00:06:09)


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44 Responses to “the mrbrown show: guess that show contest”

  1. kormmandos Says:

    Typo leh…

    It’s “Guess That Show Contest”, you typed “Guess That Show Content”.

  2. pokeymoan Says:

    Are these TV variety shows or movies? Some of the themes sound like its from movies…

  3. brainiac Says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaargggghhhh!!!! i KNOW that show! i can even hmm the whole tune!!!!!!!! i just cant remember the name….aaaaaaaaaaaarrrghhh!!

  4. -.- Says:

    lol i dont even noe the 1st ONE! -.-”

  5. iceman Says:

    Hey MB, you not fair to those young listeners leh. Some of those shows were from late 70s(?) or early 80s! How they know? They were babies then. I think you can keep the prizes lah. I can remember some like “***” “***”, “***” and some just can’t remember what show it was. Unless you work in the TV station or in related industry to get to their archive materials, else it’s a pretty tough call to get all correct.

    - comment edited for spoilers

  6. brainiac Says:

    hey you guys got older friends and parents right? time to be nice to your elders haha

  7. a snail Says:

    waa.. MB.. i only 12 years old this year..never heard b4 LOL.. catch no ball..

  8. hotdog Says:

    heheh time for the kiddos to step aside, that prize is mine- i’m getting my office friends to help!

  9. otaku Says:

    if i send in 25 random shows that Mr B would probably watch, I might get the most correct. :)

  10. efruit Says:


    must be in the correct order dah!

  11. Tarot Says:

    I never see TV and movie, so i don’t know

    HAHA! MR Brown, you can’t bug me

  12. Jedd the Jedi Says:

    Hmmm…I think I can here the themes from **** and ****, maybe even * * * *(hint!)(Titles deleted, I’m not that dumb!) …. Confusing, but not frustrating, since I’ve never followed any of them. MB, you so old meh? Signed, A thirteen year old (haha!).

  13. initial Says:

    my goodness i only know 4 :(

  14. Mervyn Says:

    Darn…I’m 28 and I only remember 13 out of 25…=P

    Not bad, pass already…Time to try for distinction… I’ll ask my dad for help…(No political pun intended!) =)

  15. MOCHS Says:

    I only know 1 out of the 25 played. :( Oh well, the disadvantages of being born in the 90s.

  16. khandara Says:

    i cant believe the number of kid whiners here who just give up without getting any older friends haha.

  17. manonmars Says:

    tv was such a part of my life…from the sitcoms, to the dramas, sci-fi, cops…

    damn it! yes, its bugging me already. MB, i’m gonna kill you!!

  18. Arena Says:

    Those with lyrics are easier I guess.

  19. fm Says:

    5 left to track down… zzz

  20. Bangla Says:

    Go and find the songs and we will get the prizes easily.But Remember on your firewall,there is trojan virus there.

  21. cylonraider Says:

    sheesh, i’m not going near that emp3finder site. i kenna trojan before and had to replace my whole PC. better find other methods! i’m not going near anything with a trojan again - dunno how fierce my firewall is man.

  22. Matsukaze Says:

    lol trojan ar… doesnt affect macs right?

    anyways no point la… i dunno a single song… all so ol’skool one…

  23. Momo Says:

    lol i think im too young to be born in your era MB… xD

  24. Hai~Ren Says:

    Shit. So many of them sound so familiar, but I know only one for sure.

    Na bei. =(

  25. -.- Says:

    wa lau.. cleary a contest for the adults haha. But later the winner is MB’s relative how o.o never state: No members, relatives of the Mr Brown Show can take part ; /

  26. brainiac Says:

    _._ - why? you paid money to join isit? had to buy something to join isit? haha

  27. harshbrown Says:

    if got like 10 people who got all the shows correct in the correct order, how ah?

  28. bibu4 Says:

    do u noe tat the show ’stand in line to buy some 4d’ at the back u said the no. 4214 did u noe tat on 17 dec it won first price i tio $18k cuz of tat no.

  29. brainiac Says:

    bibu4 congrats ! at least help sponsor the show or take some banner space to support mrbrown leh!

  30. Ian Says:

    Wow, can you believe this? MB and family must be somehow blessed with this kind of thing - being “chun” (accurate) in picking winning numbers. Or rather, having winning numbers follow them and associated with their lives.

    Last time darling little Faith’s hospital room numbers (twice, if I remember) also come out, and now this. What are the chances, really? Maybe there are others who also won by going with mb’s recommend. $18k is a little better than winning a helicopter ah?

    So maybe mb should pay more attention to this. Could be heaven’s way of blessing the Brown family after all. Hey mb, how about you post 4 digits every week for us to buy and if come out, we’ll share the loot by sponsoring your show? Get darling Faith to pick the numbers for us ok?

  31. Jaynt Says:

    Nabeh! You were right. I managed to nail 6 and I’ve listend to the damn thing at least 20 times.

    Whoops,.. nailed 7.

    Eh got runner up prize or not?

  32. Mr.Tan Says:

    I would have bought the ticket except that we who are born under the Aeris star do not believe in superstition. ;)

  33. juz_A_gal Says:

    wah kaoz. not my generation. can only recognise a couple of them………

  34. weilin Says:

    What crap sia. Never hear any before lor. hahaha Mr brown how old r u sia. So ob piang~~

  35. mew Says:

    nv hear before le…>.

  36. tweetymanggis Says:

    Good grief…are there only little children readng this site ? hehe

  37. Oompa Loompa Says:

    Thanks a lot Brown…. Productivity in my office has dropped 90%. Too many ppl humming TV tunes and not knowing the name of the show…

  38. auntie Says:

    I recognized many tunes but I am too old and senile to remember.

  39. Sengkangman Says:

    They don’t make TV tunes today like they use to back then.
    Each had their own identity and set the mood of the show…

    You mean you old couch potatoes out there are having a hard time??? Come on ….. you can do better…

    Good contest MB, get the grey cells working and brings back a lot of memories.

  40. Schumi Says:

    Well youngsters, we feel sorry for you not getting the tunes. Friend and I have got all 25. There are advantages of unity and age. HAHAHAHA!

  41. Schumi Says:

    Well youngsters, watch more TV. Who knows? Maybe sometime in the future it will help you win a contest. As for some of us oldsters, our misspent youth watching too much TV may finally pay off.

    MB, well done with the contest. You managed to cause some sleepless nights….

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  43. Xarius Says:

    no idea at all except for that star wars one so unfair MB plz have more like that one but the shows are frm 2000+ one plz

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