The (psychic) mrbrown show 2: Stand in line to buy some 4D…


Remember the number I read out at the end of the Tuesday, 5th December show, after we sang the Christmas carol entitled Stand in line to buy some 4D?

Yes, 4214. Look at Sunday’s first prize number…

32 Responses to “The (psychic) mrbrown show 2: Stand in line to buy some 4D…”

  1. mrbrownfan Says:

    2day the number is 4214
    zhun 1.confirm!

  2. almost Says:

    whoah…cannot be so accurate ba! u had insider’s tips???

  3. Sean Says:

    Mr Brown YOU ROCK!
    Give me more sets of 4D and TOTO numbers can?


  4. Dan Says:

    Am Singaporean residing in Australia . “WOW” Mr.Brown podcast 1st prize “4214″ Bet Wednesday draw FORGOT to place bet for Sunday draw LAH …..
    If I ever strike will remit 50% of the winning to your guys for the excellent podcast ! “chun one ” What about another 4D Podcast for the new year. LOL

  5. Wenjin Says:

    Mr Brown Chai Sheng Ye!

  6. zhihao Says:

    wah lau eh~!!!
    brown, you really need to tell people your predictions will be one week late, i followed your advice and bought 4214, 2big 2small for 6th, 9th and 10th of Dec, tak kena, this week i gave it a miss, you know?!?!?



  8. Benny Says:


    Quick give another set of 4D numbers…

    least let us celebrate X’mas the humblite way…


  9. pokeymoan Says:

    Please give us a 4D number after the end of each podcast. Your number come out quite late leh. Can make it top first prize faster? :p

    So when is the next one?

  10. straydog Says:

    So did anyone in Mr. Brown show actually bought the number?

  11. lh Says:

    argh! i missed the 1st prize!! Bought it 2wks ago and dropped it just last wk, and it came out right in my face!

  12. ken Says:

    i saw the number on Sunday and had this deja vu feeling thinking where have i seen or heard this number before. so it’s here. next time if your podcast got give number just must buy!

  13. mb Says:

    Sigh. Nope, no one on the team bought the number, but listener bibu4 said he did and hit $18k.

  14. XsnoozeX Says:

    so zhun ar…next god of fortune is you liao mr brown.

  15. ??? Says:

    hey…u got future sight issit?…

  16. Deathnote Says:

    U got the fortune eyes from the Fortune God?

  17. bibu4 Says:

    my mum tio 18k first prize tks

  18. Tennas Than Says:

    Haha Thanks Mr Brown. Actually got someone to buy that number and actually won. Thanks again. haha… My aunt is laughing her way to the bank now. haha…

  19. Tennas Says:

    Thanks MR Brown for the umber. My aunt actually wond quite an amount from it after I told her that number. Think she is smiling her way to the bank. Thanks again Mr Brown.

  20. tarot Says:

    Nar B** should have bought that number

  21. fm Says:

    Chey, Zhun only if you played the podcast on the draw date. hahaha.

  22. MB sure-win pod listener Says:

    Thank you Mr Brown, you really make our day…we won and the recent purchase of plasma TV.. was free… and you bet from now onwards, every number that you give will be seriously taken…as Mr Brownshow has became Chai shen ye overnight…Merry Xmas !

  23. Matsukze Says:

    Actually it’s pretty true, some people are simply blessed with this kind of good luck. i remember some dude in my neighbourhood also always get this kind of numbers one…

    But of course, the numbers that work are the ones that pop up for no reason and not those that are thought about lol…

    MB if got any number pop up must tell us hor! even if is those dream of 7 chicken that kinda things lol…

  24. Kai Yuan Says:

    You are 1 hellofvaguy! Don’t believe you so zun! Rock on!

  25. jon Says:

    super sian! i also forgot to bet on it!!! argh!!! more 4d num ah! XDDDDDDDD

  26. dq Says:

    wah lao eh, mr brown. u damn one kind sia

  27. micky Says:

    Hey mrBrown… have you ever thought before that maybe this whole incident was orchestrated by the ruling party? Cos of some of the stuff you said about them…. and they want you to feel pain… so they made the 1st prize 4214.

    Gasp! Maybe these 4D, totos, sweepstakes, are all orchestrated!!

  28. Me Says:

    Eh, got any more numbers for us?

  29. Alfred Lee Says:

    wha lau
    I download and give to all my friends
    i myself bo buay………..grrrrr
    it’s like giving luck away
    sway liao sway liao

  30. Ch Says:

    Eh mr brown ah… how bout we all poll money, build u a temple

    then u wear the red robes and the hat, then everyday juz collect offerings ? liddat u nonid work liao, juz have to say 4 numbers everyday

  31. XsnoozeX Says:

    Come come. Give more numbers. Tio liao give you roast pig.

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