A Christmas card from the mrbrown show to all of you

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Merry Christmas!

The kind folks at Furryfish helped us to come up with this lovely Christmas eCard to wish you all a Blessed Christmas. Please visit to www.furryfish.com/christmas06 to view our greeting and also to forward the card to your friends. It’s our little gift to you all for the kind support you have given us at the mrbrown show.

You may also wish to listen to Marc’s and Aloysius’ audio Christmas greetings to you all:

Podcast iconPodcast: Christmas greetings from the mrbrown show: Marc (MP3, file size: 380kb, Time: 00:00:53)

Podcast: Christmas greetings from the mrbrown show: Aloysius (MP3, file size: 626kb, Time: 00:01:28)

Do have yourselves a beautiful Christmas and a bountiful New Year!

9 Responses to “A Christmas card from the mrbrown show to all of you”

  1. John Says:

    Ho Ho HO!!

    Mr Brown,a warm Christmas to u and ur family

  2. wa lao eh Says:

    no podcast???
    Merry Christmas.

  3. Jedd the Jedi Says:

    Merry Christmas, mrbrown! Thanks for showing us a bit more about your family. Kudos to funnyfish for the hilarious and adorable artwork!

  4. ShadowClause Says:

    nice eCard but no podcast.
    Merry X’mas!

  5. brainiac Says:

    hey mrbrown deserves a holiday too right? wah lao eh

  6. Thomas Says:

    Thank you, Mr Brown. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    And love your ecard… Nice… :)

  7. almost Says:

    hello blessed christmas to mb! hope to hear more witty and hilarious podcasts from u. =) the ecard is so adorable~

  8. teafrost Says:

    Eh! Ex-cu-me! Mr Brown send sweet Christmas card nvr say THANK YOU! Podcaster also need holiday mah.

  9. Rapeepun 4/3 Says:

    merry x-mas krunit and happy new year!!!!!

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