Earthquakes off Taiwan knocks out undersea cables… and the mrbrown show

Update, 2.52pm Wed, 27 Dec 2006: Looks like we’re getting our connections back. The podcasts are now downloadable again though it may a bit slow. No guarantees you can play World of Warcraft though, and MSN seems to still be down. My .Mac is up though. Heheh.

Many of you in Singapore may be experiencing problems accessing the shows today because of the internet downtime created by the earthquakes near Taiwan. Internet access of online content outside Singapore is affected, while you can still surf locally hosted sites.

Our podcast files are hosted in the US while this site is hosted in Singapore (which is why you can still read it in Singapore).

So please bear with us if you cannot download any of the shows here. We will keep you updated once the internet is back up for Singapore. Unless you are in the US or Europe, in which case, you should have no problems getting the files.

Earthquake in Taiwan results in slow internet service in Singapore
By Hoe Yeen Nie, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 27 December 2006 1153 hrs

SINGAPORE: Despite the distance, Tuesday night’s earthquake in Taiwan made its presence felt in Singapore.

Internet providers StarHub and SingTel say the earthquake caused disruptions to the undersea cables, resulting in slow internet access to some sites.

Both companies say internet traffic diversion and restoration works are currently underway.

SingTel adds that its undersea cable system with Europe was not affected. - CNA

17 Responses to “Earthquakes off Taiwan knocks out undersea cables… and the mrbrown show”

  1. Arena Says:

    Hmm… no wonder my internet was darn slow just now and viewing Google took an hour

  2. Light Says:

    At least this shows us that whose the Boss around….
    Not the white lightning, not homosapien, but MOTHER NATURE

  3. Wenjin Says:

    No wonder…

  4. nekolux Says:

    argh dang i got dced twice while playing world of warcraft i was so pissed i couldnt even load youtube lol but im still dowmloading the podcast at a slow speed is it just me?

  5. nigeL Says:

    wah. damn sian sia. but i played WoW for awhile leh, but sibeh lag. do SM keep dc.

  6. idiotdoc Says:

    walau, no wonder lah…

  7. Riot Says:

    Heng Mr Brown Show still working..

  8. Mac Web Hosting Says:

    Still issues across all of Asia. Singapore was one of the worst hit by the outage with 100% packet loss at times. However, it’s comforting to know that in times of crisis, I can still ready your blog! :)

  9. WG Says:

    i even caanot online at msn and play habbo .

  10. Dammit Says:

    I also kenna. Very unlucky eh. Anyway, why must the podcast files are hosted in US?

  11. Pok-a-mon Says:

    I am really not sure why is Singapore news also filtering out information on this?

    Do we know what exactly went wrong, and how long more do we still expect the lag in our net-surfing?

    Eager to know what exactly happen, and how long it will probably take?

    Take a look at the Bloomberg web site and you will get it all:

  12. AN Says:

    Wah.. No wonder lar! I’m living in the US now and could NOT access ANY of the Singapore-hosted websites I tried including this, singtel, pacnet… I thought something was wrong with my comp and the internet connection or something. Looks like now have to wait lor… >_

  13. Pok-a-mon Says:

    Check here for more details:

    Wonder why CNA does not cover this story properly…

  14. |MGU|fallenangel Says:

    wah…i can’t even download the podcasts,can’t login to anything…any idea when is everything gonna be ok?

  15. Yoda Says:

    No wonder… Even now I cant read gmail… Lucky MBShow still up.

  16. yz Says:

    Sian i cannot download any of the podcasts……

  17. NickLim Says:

    Singnet is done with almost all the probs. Can dl agen.

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