the mrbrown show: shoot the lame horse

The Other Crazy Horse
Photo by yankeepez

We mourn the death of one crazy horse and celebrate the creation of a new one.

(NOT suitable for children, M18 rating)

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 1 Feb 2007: shoot the lame horse (MP3, file size: 2.6mb, Time: 00:05:17)


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4 Responses to “the mrbrown show: shoot the lame horse”

  1. idiot Says:

    me 1st.seem lik less n less ppl visitin mr.brown

  2. hotdog Says:

    esp peepurl who dun no hows to spelling

  3. valuefreak Says:

    One of your more amusing skits - on a par with mee pok. Shows how out of touch with the “common man’s” reality some people are. S$85 to maybe see some flesh when a $50 tip lets you cop a feel or more in the average KTV? What about discerning Ang Mohs / tourists - well, the single men are in geylang - $30-100 to engage in scientific discovery - the empirical ’see, feel, smell, taste’. The ladies are shopping. The couples haven’t left their hotel rooms yet. On a more serious note - Crazy Horse will probably come back to Singapore once the IR is up and running (hmmm … Macau expansion, Singapore build up, bahamas …. isn’t that something like 3-4 las vegas’ coming to the global market over 2-3 years?). When there’s competition, casino’s need to up the entertainment budget (can’t do too much with the odds - e.g. don’t run a company with a -ive gp margin). What will it come back as? My gut feel is that it will be the “Crazy Horse Escort Service”.

  4. strangeknight Says:

    Hey! It’s the civil servants from your 16 Nov ‘06 show “Leave No Man Behind”!

    mr brown, why not turn turn them into permanent characters? Guys who somehow end up in one committee after the other :D

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