the mrbrown show: blame it on the rain

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Our news talk show investigates serious allegations by a foreign minister!

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 6 Feb 2007: blame it on the rain (MP3, file size: 1.6mb, Time: 00:03:10)


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10 Responses to “the mrbrown show: blame it on the rain”

  1. crayonland Says:

    lol that was funny.. but the thing is erm.. mrtan if ur reading this.. i don need to put the flash thing on the forums right.. =\.. maybe i cant.. lol.. nvm i’ll just use the old way

  2. K Says:

    y’all are such patriotic fellas… i think Mindef should excuse you from Reservist. just keep on producing patriotic laughajoke like this.

  3. MPW Says:

    Malaysia has external locus of control. They blame others for their own problems

  4. Weiteck The Great Says:

    i dun understand why our neightbours not happy we reclaim land…even indonesia also dun want sell sand to us…think next time our building no concrete, all metals & glass only.

    Then the indon goin to build neaclear rector for electricity, when they can settle demages by natural catastrophes…& interior unrest…

    I dun want neaclear winter to occur in our region…

    Think no matter how well-off we are, ppl bully us coz we small…little red dot…

  5. Weiteck The Great Says:

    or we dun reclaim land lah…limited land, we go dig underground lah…HDB in caves…then we like taliban….hide in caves…

    All the other countries fightin to have the tallest building in the world…we fight for the deepest underground lah…the soild we dug up also can use for reclaimation…
    can use to build more Casinos…Err…sorry, it’s intergated resorts…G’ment said not casino…

  6. Gerald Says:

    Haha…funny! “Reclaimasi” or “Reformasi”? :)

    More political satire, dude! That’s what you’re best at!

  7. Jimmy Says:

    i luv the new playbar function, now dun have to wait soo long for the podcast to load liao, thanks… luv that podcast too, SUper funny.

  8. dramamama Says:

    As a matter in fact … LOL!!!

  9. Mr white Says:

    superb… i lyk tis kind of things man.. u guys reali made my day…
    can i join u guys? haha… reclamasi ploject ma..

  10. Elva Says:

    yah…actually the podcast is right.
    it brings attention to the situation where malaysia ia always blaming the other factors for their mishappenings.
    i hope this situation will be changed in the near future…

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