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Are you visionary enough to make the next Youtube of Singapore?

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 7 Feb 2007: a Singapore Youtube (MP3, file size: 2mb, Time: 00:04:11)


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20 Responses to “the mrbrown show: a Singapore Youtube”

  1. Malcolm Says:

    Really good one :)

  2. Kevin Says:

    I played this for students in my Internet “Copyright” class today with good effect. Humor’s spot on! They love you Mr Brown! :)

  3. Says:

    they want singaporean to have innovation, yet so many restrictions…then end up the creative ppl go oversea…

    Chicky & egg problem…

  4. Dickson Says:

    Ahahaha! That’s like going to be so true if the Govt creates a “YouTube”…
    Anyway, I think Dr Vivian meant any kind invention/creation that is worth that much money and not restricted to just video sites.

  5. Pat Law Says:

    You’re the best thing after chicken rice that came out of Singapore lah.

  6. Weiteck The Great Says:

    Think Mr Brown political podcasts is the creative innovation Dr Vivian is lookin for!

  7. robinson Says:

    mistabrown.. ur feed is nt updated lehs… itunes cannot find ur lastest podcast…btw i liked all of your podcast.. its damn farni..

  8. Malcolm Says:

    Well with most Singaporeans’ law-phobia. Any concepts of creative tend to hit the brick wall before any form of the concept has been created. To put it down more accurately, pple will tend to throw any concept out of the windows at the slightest sign of infringement on the law.

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  10. Uncle Su Says:

    Dots… Sad but not impossible. It’ll be scary if channel 5 start making their own SingTube.

  11. Elva Says:

    this video is superd can!!!!!
    i ws laughing my way through!
    esp the part for the search for popular videos!
    i guess we really couldnt hav our own youtube…=D.

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  13. i am the borg Says:

    majel barrett ftw!!! kudos to the ppl who know what i am talking about!!!

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  15. valuefreak Says:

    Very amusing, though I agree with Dickson that Dr Vivian probably mentioned Youtube as an example of the kind of innovation he hopes Singaporeans will display in future.

    Not sure why examples of innovation are typically western. Let’s look at what Singapore has:-
    1) Mahjong - we could do a global internet mahjong championships with the winners coming to SIngapore for a televised final playing real mahjong - maybe in time for the IR opening.
    2) KTV - we could do a global song contest - contestants could put their videos on the website and surfers could vote on-line at each stage. Final in Singapore.
    3) podcasts - mrbrown could ask for ideas from visitors to his site - submitters of original ideas used on the show to get a mrbrown tshirt etc.
    4) governance - mrbrown could ASK people what THEY think would be useful for Singapore. It’s easy to slime, but not easy to be constructive.
    5) etc, etc, etc.

    … and just in case you are wondering (because of item 4), i am a foreigner working in the private sector

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  17. Harro! Says:

    Mr Brown, you’ve done it again! :)

  18. Paulram Says:

    Thats a gd one, ‘chink’….they want us to identify withour own colours like the U.S’s red, white and blue…yet we are very pale shadow of ourselves..sigh…but keep em’ comin, man..really cool….

  19. william yeo Says:

    Hello My Very Funny Friends from Mr Brown Show, I always enjoyed your show n always look forward to listening to it!
    But my enjoyment is hindered by the echo from the people speaking. May I please suggest that u reduce the echoes at your end?Thank u so much for entertaining me these years! I wish u all well-good health,welath n GOD Bless! william yeo

  20. Justin Tan Wen Cong Says:

    Gonna be the next YouTube in history.

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