the mrbrown show: anonymous heroes

Anonymous Hero
Photo by Mo Morgan

When Singapore faces an internet skewed by anti-establishment anonymous villains, we need some anonymous good guys!

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 9 Feb 2007: anonymous heroes (MP3, file size: 4.8mb, Time: 00:05:12)


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11 Responses to “the mrbrown show: anonymous heroes”

  1. Rat Says:

    Ha ha ha

    Like to see the badge of the

    League of Anonymous Media Policing Action Heroes

  2. astroboy Says:


    was anticipating this podcast for the past few days and finally it is out! great stuff!

  3. Jaron Says:

    LAMPAH Power!

  4. Dickson Says:

    LAMPAH! Hooray! All hail LAMPAH!
    66.6%! 5%!

  5. Uncle Su Says:

    Whaaahahahaha! Hilarious!

  6. fynyx Says:

    Yes, I was really laughing all the way
    (, without rolling on the floor though ;-P…)!

    For myself, I think I’ll remain named,
    because I am not the LAMPAH type.

    I just re-watched Superman Returns,
    and realise that even ordinary people can be real heroes too,
    like Lois Lane & her partner Richard,
    even though we are only too mortal.

    Let Lex Luthor continue to deceive himself.
    And we all continue to hail the true Superman, from our hearts.
    Just watch out for those who misuse kryptonite!

  7. emigre Says:

    This one is really good…Wonder Twins powers ACTIVATE!!

  8. zane(crayonland) Says:

    lol that was funny.l. random gir!

  9. HaHaHa Says:

    Ha ha ha! So funny! Thank you, thank you!

  10. Requirre Says:

    What a waste of taxpayers’ money to specially set up departments to counter anti-propaganda! Inefficient and ineffective. I thought only people who don’t monopolise the mainstream media had to resort to such things. Anyway, they’ll just splash and splatter in the toilet bowl of cyberspace, just like Poop And Pee.

  11. Luke Skywalker Says:


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