the mrbrown show: Stay Involved and Actively Engaged

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Work as long as you wish in Singapore! We can make it happen!

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 13 Feb 2007: Stay Involved and Actively Engaged (MP3, file size: 1.8mb, Time: 00:03:42)


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6 Responses to “the mrbrown show: Stay Involved and Actively Engaged”

  1. shawn Says:

    hey Mr Brown…. i got this topic hope u will make a podcast out of it…

    Too many FT(foreign t.) hav taken the A1s away, almost half of this year’s o-lvl top students are FT, up from 1/3 last year…. cheers and happy CNY to you and your cast!

  2. valuefreak Says:

    a) The show - Outstanding! Keep up the good work
    b) Shawn’s comment - Shawn, if your commentary is an example of “local” talent , then the increasing prevalence of foreigners achieving high academic grades is probably not very suprising. Your few words display 1) poor grammar 2) ridiculous abbreviations 3) poor spelling 4) a serious lack of logic - foreign talent have TAKEN the A1s away? However, you are kind to wish the mrbrown team happy new year.

  3. fynyx Says:

    Dear mrbrown,

    shawn’s (Feb 13, 9:59 am) comment has got me thinking:

    As more & more foreign talent displace local citizens in
    top positions in Singapore, the distinction blurs rapidly between
    “foreign” & “local”, especially when foreigners take up
    permanent residence & citizenship.

    The difference then becomes that of “natives” & “new citizens”.
    Natives become marginalized, new citizens dominate.
    Just like white Australians & the original aborigines, and
    Americans of immigrant descent versus Native Americans.

    And the process continues: for example,
    Asian re-settling in Australia start displacing
    citizens of European descent; or
    European nations take on increasing Eurasian ethnicity,
    due to its newer citizens, like in UK & France.

    Eventually, words like “race” & “nationality” go out of date,
    as Humanity gets increasingly hybridized
    (or that word used so often now: global).

    Do I have any solutions, suggestions to this? But then,
    how can you make suggestions to the inexorable march of history?

    Just like the old pass on, however involved & actively engaged
    they may be, and the young take over & carry on?

  4. brur Says:



  5. Vincent Tan Says:

    Hi Mr. Brown,

    I’m been with you since your Today Forum.
    Glad that you are still around, keep it up, Singaporeans need you!

    Maybe you can consider this and do something to show the hyprocrital policies of our gahmen -Baby bonus.

    Recently my wife went for the IVF (human reproduction). Gahmen encourage more babies right….. but even so cannot be free, everything Gahmen do must make money to justified share holder.

    The course is between 8-12k, we can only used 6k from my medi save account, with a balance of more than 30k, why can’t use all eh???

    To add salt to the wound I was told that I must pay cash and claim from CPF later. I try to argue, then again this is the gahmen policy, blar, blar, blar.

    2 weeks after we started the course, the hospital called and informed that lab test has increase by $600. this time I stood by and not agree to them.

    So how to have baby so expensive????

    Singapore need a platform like the ex-forum in Today (every Friday).

    I wonder when Singaporean will wake up. ERP incresed, this increased that increased, our pay no increase.

    When Gahmen say bad economy company no bonus. This year Gahmen servant take 3-6 months, we also 1 month. Now gahmen say good piglet year so future ahead, hahaha then come the hike.
    GST releive package, Singaporean watch out! Few parking offence and that it end up you cough out more.



  6. The death of retirement « underlying meanings Says:

    […] Like it or not, “work” is opposed to “play” for the majority of us (will those who proclaim “I love my job!” please request to do your job for peanuts free tomorrow?). I looked in a thesaurus: The most positive synonymes for “work” are “commitment”, “employment” & “vocation”; The worst ones are “obligation”, “toil” and “slavery”. How fun it would be to be engaged in this form of human activity for the rest of your life! mrbrown has a great podcast on this matter here. […]

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