See What Show 01: Week of 16 Feb 2007

See What Show

A mrbrown show SPECIAL! We’d like to introduce our new series here, See What Show! The very first episode of the movie, tv and dvd review podcast for regular people!! No film critics here, just friendly views! Get future episodes at or subscribe at the feed!

mrbrown and Steve review Gridiron Gang, Pan’s Labyrinth, Snakes On A Plane, Talladega Nights, DOA: Dead Or Alive, The Host, Confession Of Pain, and Accepted.

Podcast iconPodcast: See What Show 01: Week of 16 Feb 2007 (MP3,stereo, file size: 13.5mb, Time: 00:28:02)


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5 Responses to “See What Show 01: Week of 16 Feb 2007”

  1. Tobey Says:

    Hi Mr Brown & Steve,

    Great Job man!
    See what show is going to rock Singapore!!!
    But are u guys able to incorporate the movies’ snapshots when u r toking abt them? or better, be able to hear and see the trailers as u play them? Something like what iTunes does for their “iTunes New Music Tuesday Podcast” where they show u the album screenshot while introducing the songs & artists… Hehe
    But still, great project dude!!!

    SEE WHAT SHOWrocks!!!!

  2. Jedd the Jedi Says:

    Although a little long, it is a really cool concept! The excerpts from the film add to that “magazine show” effect. Wonderful work.

  3. patriot. Says:

    this should amuse you. it’s shooting statements about singapore.

  4. Joshua Sim Says:

    Hey, nice one guys.

    I have a request though….

    Could you guys find, watch and review “FLYBOYS”

    I watched with my brothers and found it was nice, but seems like almost everyone else (including the rotten rotten tomato movie rating site) thought it was bad.


  5. hijacker9173 Says:

    Great Show~!! Keep it up. :-)

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