Top Ten Real Things Singapore MPs said about Budget 2007

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After we posted the Budget Debate 2007 podcast, some people asked us if we were making stuff up. Of course we were.

We thought you might like to read what Singapore MPs REALLY said about the Budget, during the Budget debates.

Here are some of our Top Ten favourite things Singapore Members of Parliament said about the 2007 budget:

10. Ms Irene Ng (Tampines GRC): “incredibly generous”

9. Mr Hri Kumar (Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC): “Comprehensive and forward-looking”

8. Dr Ahmad Mohammed Magad (Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC): “Inclusive and a landmark budget”

7. Madam Ho Geok Choo (West Coast GRC): “(Workfare is) Pragmatic, innovative and exemplary”

6. Mr Wee Siew Kim (Ang Mo Kio GRC): called Budget 2007 “generous” and “forward-looking”

5. Dr Amy Khor (Hong Kah GRC): “Good intentioned” and “Made in Heaven”

4. Mr Ong Ah Heng (Nee Soon Central): Said that the generosity of the recent budget is possible under the stewardship of the ruling People’s Action Party.

3. Mr Inderjit Singh (Ang Mo Kio GRC): “This is one of the best, if not the best budgets, I have seen.” and “Wonderful”

2. Ms Lee Bee Wah (Ang Mo Kio GRC): “Pang sai ka che jamban” (Want to take a dump then look for toilet).

And the Number One position goes to (drum roll please):

1. Dr Fatimah Lateef (Marine Parade GRC): “Let me share with her that nowhere else in the world can you get a Budget which includes love and compassion in abundance as this one.”

20 Responses to “Top Ten Real Things Singapore MPs said about Budget 2007”

  1. MadeInHell Says:

    I can’t believe Singaporeans are wasting so much money to hire fellators! I think you can get better deals at geylang, definitely.

  2. VFKK Says:

    Errr… I got nothing to say…

    My boss once told me that Singapore is legally corruppted…

    But I don’t want to comment, later go jail…

  3. DOM the clown Says:

    Dear Mr Brown,

    Orh!!!!! The father of the WEEtard from RJC is going to write to you!!! He’s going to tell you off for intruding his privacy by quoting him here. He’s going to tell you that the parliament is a “private parliament”…..just as private as his daughter’s “private blog”. So, whatever he said in the parliament is a private one…..meant for 82 of his private kakis….82 mind you! Not 84!


    Your forgotten-to-take-the-blue-pill-clown,

  4. jx Says:


  5. whocares Says:

    wah piang eh.

    they make the budget sound like some wonderfully written piece of orchestra by mozart.

  6. offspring Says:

    the largest thesarus for the word consesus

  7. HaHaHa Says:

    Wow, guess where to be a highly paid clown in Singapore?

  8. lolc Says:


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  10. i346am Says:

    Wow, even when I’m 5000miles aways, my hair also stand….. sedi YA! Dare them to say this in the British Parliament! hahahahah

    I’ll remember to tell this to my kids….

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  12. d8nnis Says:

    Hey… Dilbert’s mission statement generator is more fun!

  13. Kim Jong Il Says:

    I welcome you to the Great North Korea!
    Everyone here is very happy, and movtivated !

  14. Fellatio Says:

    Hey, you can’t blame them. You have to give some oral massage if you are looking for a raise.

  15. Su Mengde Says:

    Very gloomy. That is why we have the opposition and nominated MPs to oppose government policies. (They did object to the Budget didn’t they?)

    At least they would provide feedback even if we are almost certain that their opinions would be rejected. Look on the bright side. If everyone is opposing government policy, things would never take flight.

    But again, I must say the mouth massage sends shivers down my back.

  16. WhatCanIsay Says:

    Singaporean has been growing fatter and fatter through out the passed 40 over years, and its now pay back time. The smart & quiet ones leave with big belly, while the rest, Incamp training time, no resting till they say you can passed out.

    And most important, NO COMPLAINS, else, more terkan…

    “take out the good ingredients from the soup and add in cheap stuffs to re-boil”, the smells still remains and best of all, low cost high profit since the name has been established since the passed few centures, a sure WIN WIN situation lah.

  17. The Ignorantsoup Says:

    […] Now, I thought it was a great speech, something full of suggestions and warm ideas, one that made meaningful sentences that can bring benefits to the people, but alas, it was not to be. For the speech of the day seemed ridden with so much propaganda, I think it should be called “Major Bootlicking of the day”. In fact, our beloved MP actually did some amount of bootlicking in the budget last year, as I quote from the generosity of the recent budget is possible under the stewardship of the ruling People’s Action Party. […]

  18. Charles Says:

    I can’t believe how these humans can stoop so low in life just to keep their $$$ going. . . .

  19. Joke Says:

    Amy khor says “made in heaven”??! She thinks they are god?

  20. rocking Says:

    I think we have to thank all the opposition parties for being the real voice of the people, trying a lot harder under difficult circumstances. This time round I think we all know the opposition looks a lot more prepared with lots of qualified men recruited and is a real challenge then ever before to the ruling PAP in an election. This atmosphere have forced the government to be more generous than they would normally be.

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