We have our winners for the Transformers contest!

After much deliberation by our esteemed panel of judges, we have selected 5 winners for the Transformers contest! It was tough going for a while and we thought we would never be able to narrow it down to just 5, but we did!

So here are the 5 imaginative winners who came up with the best Transformers names:

Wei Teck
Cheow Eng
Wei Jie

Good job, folks! Thanks to everyone who sent in their entries. It was great fun reading what you guys out there came up with! If you are one of the 5 winners, check your emails for details on how to collect your prizes!

2 Responses to “We have our winners for the Transformers contest!”

  1. shifty Says:

    it would be nice to let us know the names they came up wif and other interesting names that entered.

  2. ANVD Says:

    Cool to know that you have the winners, but it would be good if you also publish their winning entries.


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