the mrbrown show: the new singapore girl

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A new era of airline service has arrived! Fly with us today!

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17 Responses to “the mrbrown show: the new singapore girl”

  1. Tay Tian Seng Says:

    Alamak, your last joke about taxi driver, not very good ley. Maybe, I’m wrong or on different frequency but I doubt, all taxi driver are as bad as we think. I was one la. My email says so. I mean I was ok ok one la. Phew! Lucky I stop driving cab already, otherwise….. Ok, those no happy with my comment, solly hor. Just saying abit la. I think most taxi driver dont use computer la.

  2. Hen Says:

    not funny

  3. iheartapple Says:

    I have a longstanding question. Is it deliberate for the lady to speak as if her mouth is filled with gas? It makes a choking and hissing sound simultaneously. I notice it in all the podcasts.

  4. mb Says:

    It is not deliberate, iheartapple. That’s a natural lisp.

  5. Seng Boon Ah Says:

    Tis was dam laoyah, other wan better leh. No offence hoh. Just my opinion.

  6. affk Says:

    This podcast is like school kids write compo write out of point liao.

  7. tok kok king Says:

    got to agree leh, mb you got no more idle meh? sorry hoh, we all tot easy, throw spanner did’nt kana still got sound.

    pai seh

  8. bukk Says:

    Hey brown, try doing one podcast on the top govt officials’ salary, shld b pretty hilarious.

  9. Overseas Singapore Beng Says:

    actually hor.. I find it quite good already la… maybe for folks like me in a foreign land hor.. listening to the podcast( in the evening) is like a means for me to get in touch with Singapore style and Singapore lifestyle ( To maintain my sanity) …These podcasts are macham like the talkcock session in Army during last parade after a day’s of siong training:D …yup! Mr Brown, dun worry you can do it and remember, you are our important link!!! Press on!!!

  10. Teoh Ah Seng Says:

    MB, pls talk about minister”s salary the next round. I think the salary is too high, imagine work one year become millionaires, we eat cha koay teow we pay $3, minister eats cha koay teow also $3, our pay low we suffer, GST go up, food increase in price, our worker salary no increase, ministers pay increase, give us progress package, help the poor is for show only, GST will take back all the money given to us.

  11. Q Says:

    me thought it was pretty nice!! well done, mrb!

  12. iheartapple Says:

    Ha! Thanks mb for correcting my ignorance.

    By the way, I thought you’ll think that some of the pictures here might be fun.

  13. AMDK Says:

    MB, I have one suggestion.
    Your podcast always poke fun at the PAP government.
    I think you can try something new, poking fun at the oppositions.

    Some time back, Dr Chee Soon Juan was send to jail for speaking in public without permit. He knows it is illegal but continue to break the law, and go around telling the world that speaking in public is not even allow in Singapore.
    You can make a podcast that say a driver was always complaining about a 4 lane straight road was set to a speed limit of 50Km/h.
    He feels that this is not right and always drive at 70km/h when he drive on that road.
    One day he was caught by a traffic police, but he feels that he has done nothing wrong. he refuse to pay the fine and he was send to jail for that because he couldn’t pay the fine.
    He go around telling the world that Singapore does not even allow people to drive at 70km/h, and throw people into jail when they protest against the government.

    That is my a bit raw idea. I think you can make a very good podcast out of it. Better than the Bak Chor Mee episode.

  14. Ax Says:

    ehh…bar chor mee is different. anything that pokes fun at the PAP is a gd thing. we need more support for the opposition. i dun like chee anyway. but lets leave him alone la. he’s already condemned in sg.

  15. No Fear Says:

    AMDK is PAP supportter?

  16. KamiKazee Says:

    TIAN Seng Sucks the taste of their food is weird Tay Seng is better

  17. William Martin Says:

    I completely agree with AMDK’s suggestion. It will make more sense If you ask me, to point out the opposition rather than the PAP government.

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