Winning Transformers’ names!

Here are some of the winners’ Transformers’ name entries, some with accompanying explanations:

GST Ironhike
Chingay Frenzy
Blockus Maximus
- the gigantic autobot that stands in the way of alighting train passengers, as well as the right side of escalators.
- defends from malicious attacks of the “neighbourbots” who produce noxious haze.
- being the sole bot carrying everyone around, the SBSbot has the power to make you pay more and more for your trips.

There you go, folks! Some of our winners’ entries! Got any more good ones? Leave your ideas in the comments and share them with everyone!

9 Responses to “Winning Transformers’ names!”

  1. darenotsay Says:

    HIPHOPGATRON - A breed of new decepticons who upon transformation can cause massive earthquakes by hip-hoping to rap music. It was reported that the mere sight of watching the decepticons hip-hoping can cause instant regurgitation and nausea spell.


    DOORAYDROID - A decepticon, wealthy and his wealth obtained from the people.

  3. why must say name Says:

    grccon has the power of blocking the oposbot

  4. Deep One Says:

    Fourdeemus Maximus which transforms into a lottery booth.

  5. Solarius Says:

    TripleSixBot - Well sought for his opinion, though that opinion of his may sometimes be made in a climate of fear or purely wrong. His opinion thus is the final decision for the rest of the autobots, which thereafter usually lead to a sense of regret and resignation over the decision made. Also tends to complain over the consequences of the decision made, even though the origins of the decision could be attributed to him.

  6. dagger Says:

    Superion - Made up of five Air-level bots that fly above all. An elite group that was promoted to command quickly and fast tracked for leadership of the Autobots.

  7. Souza Says:

    True Sight - Able to sight invisible decepticons’ road machines on the expressway where others have no idea what’s going on in front. EMP aura which ables him to slow down other carbots and passively jams the expressway. Always leading the highway at an amazing top speed of 50km/h.
    Rumors, fellow carbots will clutch their fist and at the same time point out their longest finger to show respect.

  8. Kevin Says:

    Mobilemediacon - A 2nd generation descendant of the legendary decepticon known as Soundwave. Mobilemediacon will play MP3 music that no one in particular wants to hear on MRT trains, buses, fast food restaurants and all other public places it can think of. Due to defective audio receptors, mobilemediacon will play the music at the highest possible volume while being totally oblivious to the venomous aura building around him.

  9. Ah Jan Says:

    The ultimate leader of the Depticons that will earn it’s name as the Tyrant from his birthplace, the planet of The-place-angmo-thought-is-part-of-China.
    Despite the great powers he possessed, he’s born ugly…the ugliest of his generation.

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