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They have fallen through the cracks and need your help. Help us to help them to help you to help them. Donate today!

This episode of the mrbrown show is sponsored by The Center for American Education and University of South Florida. Achieve your American Degree in Singapore. Polytechnic Graduates will receive advance standing. For more information, please go to

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36 Responses to “the mrbrown show: a mrbrown charity show”

  1. Ax Says:

    GOOD!! this is simply wat the people wan mr brown (:
    the government is justifying and their excuses for raising the minister’s pay. shame them!!

  2. DOM the clown Says:

    Dear Mr Brown,
    Cool! You guys are so charitable!!!

    Singaporeans are so humane to political leeders that even Hillary Clinton is quitting the presidential race and coming over to join our gahmen! Check this out:


    ps: to yina…….lisp or no lisp, I salute your courage to help the fight for Freedom of Speech…….at least you have the guts to speak up with identity shown…….I don’t have that kind of balls to show my identity………..Maybe when Old Man dies……..maybe….just maybe….

  3. Ex-NSmen Says:

    What about all of us who risked our lives serving NS? Without us, where to find a stable environment for the ministers to govern?

    So maybe it’s time too to back pay NSmen and ex-NS men to market rate as well?

  4. Relief teacher Says:

    Ok. if they are talking bout the public service sector, why are they only increasing the pay of the ministers? What about other people who are also serving the country? I feel that a teacher or NS man is anytime more important than ministers who hardly appear in public (most of us only get to see them on national day) No wonder there is always a huge demand for more teachers each year. If only our pay were in direct growth with the huge demand/stress the MOE places on us to improve the education system each year.

  5. yeowatzup Says:

    Ah…finally we know the REAL reason for the GST hike. Damm those white-shirts. No shame. Robbing the poor to line your own pockets and setting obstacles for them to receive any help from the state. They really have NO shame.

  6. patrick Says:

    I knew there was something funny with those numbers. Dunno if you guys actually used but here are what the numbers can spell (cos there are many other combinations):

    $50: 1-900 D O N A T E - T O - M I N G - P U P S
    $500: 1-900 G I V E - M I N I S T E R S - M O R E
    $everything: 1-900 8 8 A U D I T - A L L - P L E A S E

  7. pokeymoan Says:

    Same sentiments! Come on, they are already millionaires, how much more they want?

    You look at the GST offset package. It is also like SHIT. $100 per year? It can hardly cover my one month’s transport cost!

  8. patrick Says:

    wait a minute. made a mistake.

    $50: 1-900 D O N A T E - T O - M I N I S T E R
    $everything: 8 - T A K E - I T - A L L - P L E A S E

  9. Keyser Says:

    I am only wondering what kind of benchmarks they used to justify a 2.2 million paycheck?

  10. meepoktah Says:

    Why our hardworking Ministers need an urgent increase in pay…

    “Comrades!” he cried. “You do not imagine, I hope, that we pigs are doing this in a spirit of selfishness and privilege? Many of us actually dislike milk and apples. I dislike them myself. Our sole object in taking these things is to preserve our health. Milk and apples (this has been proved by Science, comrades) contain substances absolutely necessary to the well-being of a pig. We pigs are brainworkers.

    The whole management and organisation of this farm depend on us. Day and night we are watching over your welfare. It is for your sake that we drink that milk and eat those apples.

    Do you know what would happen if we pigs failed in our duty? Jones would come back! Yes, Jones would come back! Surely, comrades,” cried Squealer almost pleadingly, skipping from side to side and whisking his tail, “surely there is no one among you who wants to see Jones come back?”

  11. Deaddonator Says:

    This is daylight robbery and extortion. Led by our big ah-Loong!

  12. DOM the clown Says:

    Dear Mr Brown,

    Mrs Hillary Rodham Clinton has landed!!! She was seen in Tiong Bahloo Pasar!

    Money talks man! Even a former First Lady is seen here kum kum chang racing for the Ministerial pay!


  13. moose Says:

    Whatever made the government think that these ministers, IF they ever come out to the private sector, would earn THIS much?

  14. Online Petition Says:

    Online petition. Even if it may not change the pay rise, it at least shows to the world how the *muzzled* Freedom of Speech and Right to Assembly has driven Singaporeans to clutch to their remaining freedom. Very 1st world indeed.

  15. fenian Says:

    if being a minister is too painful and you can get a better package in the public sector, please go. what we want are people who care about the country, its people, more than themselves.

    no minister is indispensible, afterall they will die one day anyway so logically, there should be no shortage of talents. imagine this, if serving your nation is about money then the country ought to pay me to fight for it when it comes to war.

    i think the ministers should be renamed mercenaries…

  16. mee siam insulted Says:

    Durai is charged for misappropriating 20K… i thot it was ALOT more??? n he may get away scott free!!
    GST hike to help the poor or the rich??? World class govt pd over 1M… now wat will we get? Universe class govt at 2M???

  17. DOM the clown Says:

    To fenian:


    Can somebody inform Oxford Dictionary and National Geographics??!!! There’s a more suitable name of our before-you-vote-me-I-promise-to-serve-with-sincerity-and-after-you-v0ted-me-in-I-ask-for-money-more-and-more type of sub-species of the homo sapiens.

  18. 19004483646478376673 Says:

    To donate $50, please call
    1900-366-283-866-464-783-7. Soo easy to remember

  19. fenian Says:

    out of curiousity, who is prepared to do more than grumble?

    thinking a passive show of our disapproval. while it’d probably not change what has already been decided, it will draw attention to the greed of these modern day neros who persist in fiddling in their ivory towers while the hearts of the silent masses burn with contempt for them.

    whatever the justification and spin, the ministers salary is already beyond the point of being ridculous. if it is wrong for durai to be paid $$$ to run a charity, how can it be right for civil servants to be paid $$$$$ to serve the nation?

  20. DOM the clown Says:

    To: fenian

    I don’t think we can do anything now. The 66.6% of people has signed and sealed our fate. The only thing we can do now is to keep the memory of this oppression alive for ourselves and others by continuously posting to forums or portals the ugly side of these goons. If we don’t do that, Singaporeans can forget easily when another similansaifare is chucked into their CPF-or-whatnot accounts.

    The Online Citizen is one you may like to consider. The site is:

    Write to the admin of this site if you have any articles to keep Singaporean posted.


  21. Su Mengde Says:

    Really, you should know more about the qualifications of these ministers. If they quit politics, they are able to earn as much as the highest salaries in the private sector.

    I was wondering if you have checked the qualifications of every minister before you start posting.

  22. HatePolitics Says:

    I don’t like politics.

    Anyway I still find the rise of the GST is making us poorer cos we are still recieving the same amount to pay and having to minus an extra 2% off our salaries. Therefore we are getting poorer.

    I guess all our taxes and GST not only goes into the ministers pocket but also to bulid roads and MRT lines. The question is: Do we need that much roads in Singapore and tunnels underneath Singapore?

    I personally feel that the more roads or lines they bulid the higher our transport fares will go.. all thanks to LTA.

  23. Stephan Says:

    To Su Mengde: what makes those people in the private sector deserve these exorbitant salaries? They are important for a company to survive and they have a lot of responsibility, but more than a million dollars a year is too much. If they earn that much for only a few years, they are already so rich they can never get poor again. I think the example of the teachers is good: they have a very high responsibility because they have to teach the newcomers but what do they earn? I would support a salary cap for big business (at roughly US$1 million). That would be better than adjusting ministers’ salaries!

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  25. Keyser Says:

    To: Su Mengde, you are right when you talk about the qualification of our ministers. Our ministers are very well-qualified SGD$ 2.2 million salar-ied cheerleader indeed.
    If you look at the senators in the US. They are only paid 600k (I have to verify that). Many of them can also go private sector and fetch a much bigger paycheck. They didn’t do so. They come up for their nation. It’s a pride to serve for their people and nation.
    If you look at our Singapore ministers…. they run a nation with about 1% of US population and is a country less than 45 km(2). How many has the calibre that match a Alan Greenspa or Paul Volcker?

  26. fenian Says:

    To: Su Mengde

    The issue here isnt about qualifications, its about their motivation. It is extremely disappointing to see that the nation’s leaders are soley motivated by $.

    While many teachers dont have the same qualifications as our high and mighty lords and ladies, they contribute more significantly to the future of the nation by educating our children. The chao peng foot soldiers in the army are paid much lower than their public sector peers and yet we expect them to defend the nation when the time comes. The maid in your home that keeps the place clean and cooks your food is paid less than the levy thats paid to the government.

    I do not begrudge a fair salary for those living in ivory towers but seriously, enough is enough. Does anyone know what the president does on a day to day basis? Other than cutting ribbons, waving at the national day parade, what sort of talent and qualification are we talking about here? I dont mean to be rude but ah meng does pretty much the same thing and gets paid in bananas :)

    Lastly, if everything is tied to $ instead of the noblity of the role itself, then what kind of values are we teaching our children?

  27. Young PAP Says:

    I have a lot of empathy for our Ministers. They do a job that very few people can do and they deserve to be paid accordingly. The question to be asked by the critics of their proposed pay increase is this- are you criticizing because you honestly do not believe that the Ministers are entitled to a pay increase or is it because you are simply ENVIOUS?

  28. PayAndPay Says:

    hello excuse me… 83% increase ?

    That is disgusting!

    Yes, I’ll agree to it if our so call super capable Ministers show that they are truely capable to improve the state of people’s economy…improve 100% of the citizen… ok dont be too ambitious…66.6% of the Singaporean get that kind of pay increase in their respective jobs across the industries. I will whole heartedly support that notion.

    Reality check: How many people actually get that kind o pay spike?

  29. Mr Greed Says:

    MM Lee says his pay of $2.7 million a year (average of $225 000 a month for 12 months period) was lower than the $4 million a year that today’s top lawyers earned. I was just wondering what do one man do with so much of money…and its not enough?

  30. bey kk Says:

    MMLee says our mother/wife/duaghter will become dosmetic maid…… sad……

  31. Uncle Says:

    Anton wrote: “Power corrupts,absolute power corrupts absolulely”>

  32. nifty jw Says:

    Just as much as we resent TT Durai getting so much money because he works for a charity despite doing such a bang-up job, the same reasoning applies to a member of the public service - it’s almost unnatural for a person who professes his service to the nation to be constantly and conscientiously seeking recognition and monetary reward according to “market” rate.

  33. iDA visit | Diary of a Techie Says:

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  34. TTT Says:

    The pay increase is not just 1 million.

    Let’s not forget these people get a pension that is around 2/3 of their last drawn pay. So, the budget needs to set aside another sum to help fund their pension. This extra pension contribution could have been used for other purpose like helping the poor.

    So, the pay increase is not another million. You have to add in the extra pension that the govt needs to set aside.

  35. william yeo Says:

    Waah, no wonder my CPF(Kong Chek Kim-in hokkien) will be my KCK(Kong Chek Kim-worms in my tummy also in hokkien) if these fellas get giant buckos from our money for being a miniter in my gahmen!

  36. Zenn Says:

    you are cool. (:

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