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Economy is good and it’s time to ask for more! Check with the boss now.

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23 Responses to “the mrbrown show: raising talent”

  1. Tarot Says:

    talent retainment fund


  2. Ax Says:

    thats the way. denounce the shameless daylight robbery by the ministers. arrogance is not a problem but greed is.
    maybe we should compare the different private sector rates of first world countires like japan and Britain.
    japanese toilet cleaners earn S$1700- S$2000 per month. singaporean toilet cleaners earn S$600-S$800, maybe even lesser.

    the ministers should compare their wages with other ministers in other country. not the wages of a lawyer, CEO or financial leaders.
    tsk tsk shameless ministers we have…

  3. Ex-NSmen Says:

    First, they tell you that you have make further sacrifice to lower your wages in order to keep your job in today’s competitive global economy.

    Then, they tell you that they have to increase their pay in order to keep them in their job as they can’t make any further sacrifice in today’s competitive global economy.

    Hmmm…. Something is amiss somewhere…

  4. Tay Tian Seng Says:

    Good one mr b. Ya, just compare the pay of US President. High pay is ok but not toooooooo high. I agree with ax. The classification of pay is way off, my opinion la.

  5. ThaiWannabe Says:

    I’m moving to thailand liao. even though the gov may be just as corrupted, at least the corrupt ppl get busted over there. Here, the gov can anyhow legalise corruption and nobody says a thing.

  6. Eldarc07 Says:

    Well protrayed, Mr. B!!! Just wondering what the garmen bloggers will refute with…

    First Shin Corp, then the 2% employee training fund, still got cheek for raise for the Talent Retainment Fund… so that we have the most incoruptable garmen?… hmmm…
    wonder what will happen when the North Sea route from Europe to Japan will do to Singapore when it is fully operational when the ice melts…


  7. Young PAP Says:

    I have a lot of empathy for our Ministers. They do a job that very few people can do and they deserve to be paid accordingly. The question to be asked by the critics of their proposed pay increase is this- are you criticizing because you honestly do not believe that the Ministers are entitled to a pay increase or is it because you are simply envious?

  8. Ax Says:

    HAHAH THE AGENT!! youngpap dun be naive.

    there’re many talented patriots in singapore who do not want to step into politics because they know of the danger of opposing the PAP government.

    jus look at the ministers. all of them are friends, families, family’s friends…related in one way or another.

    wan to be a minister? be a PAP. but our talents dun wan to be PAP.
    i can see more young people like me are aware of this dictatorship by the PAP. the WP looks promising and i am sure they can take over the PAP in 4 yrs time.

    when the PAP is gone, ministers pay shall be levied back to 1.2million. those not happy can leave for the private sector all they want. the real talents will rise and replace them.

    p.s. ur right about one thing though: i’m envious of everyone’s pay, for the fact that i’m only 19 yrs old now lol.

  9. tok kok king Says:

    I think ministers should be paid decently. What is decent pay is another question. What’s more reasonable if not important is that, if one wants to climb up a political ladder then one must be prepared to also sacrifice a little. In other words, money should not be a determinant factor. The way in which Adm. Teo is trying to justify the increase may not be the best way.

    Some of the middle class people are already not happy about the increase. You reckon, the lower income chaps understand the need for the increase? You think they understand that 1.2 m is too little; they earn less than 1k a month you know.

  10. Su Mengde Says:

    The personality the “boss” has is totally against by idea of meritocracy. As long as you have made significant and relevant contribution, you should be rewarded accordingly. It does not matter whether you are at the top of the ladder or at the bottom of the ladder. With that in mind, I supported the idea of letting the ministers having a pay raise.

  11. Jennifer Says:

    “They do a job that very few people can do and they deserve to be paid accordingly” Oh yeah? If so why are they fixing the elections so that only they and not other Singaporeans get to do the job? If they are really that good, they should have the guts to stand mano-a-mano in the elections, instead of hiding in some gang pack GRC. The key point is not envy, but disgust at their rapacious appetite for money they don’t deserve.

  12. DOM the clown Says:

    Dear Mr Brown,

    Very nice show……’s my whatever:

    I laughed when I listened to this episode. It was funny.

    I cried after I’d finished listening. I didn’t laugh until I cry. I just become a chow ah gua and cried! It’s just not funny anymore! Not your show, ………………… BUT OUR SITUATION!!!!!


    I better take the blue pill. Forgive me for my outburst……..


  13. veto Says:

    Jiayou Mr Brown! All Sinkies will love your podcast…. Guys here, do forward this Mr Brown’s podcast to family n frens, and spread the shameless Ministars, err sorry Ministers… ah, i never say which ministar… cannot sue me :P

  14. Hendrick Says:

    The intention is there.. Gahmen reserves the right to sue you..

    Remember Paris Hilton & her bimbotic show?
    Maybe Mediacorp should aired one also.. (since they love copying)
    “Under-paid Ministers’ Simple Life”

    From there, we will justify if they need a pay rise anot…

  15. astro Says:

    hmm should come out with one solid good one in multiple languages…

  16. strawberryshortcake Says:

    I’m in love with Mr. Brown shows! :D I agree with everything said here luh, my dad’s always going on and on about the same issues (only in Mandarin) and I fully understand although teenagers are young and ignorant nowadays. The upper secondary Social Studies textbook is nothing but propaganda in a more, subtle way too, grrrr.

    :D SS!

  17. vvvsotong Says:

    great show MB! u r giving ppl d truth abt situation in sg gov sector. V GOOD.
    yongpap, u think many ppl in sg earn one million a year is it???
    ministers shld b pay higher dan most ordinary ppl. but not so much. right???? 1.2 million a year is alot of $$$$. every time charity show ask ppl to donate, what for??? all d minsters jz donate some from their pay will b able to cover most if not all of the charity shows.

  18. psychophang Says:

    I used to wonder how come my secondary sch teacher always likes to talk cock during 好公民 lessons and deviating from the lesson proper. thought he’s not very interested in making us better citizens. now I understand he’s helping us a great deal instead…. thank God for such teachers’ still in schools

  19. BooBoo Says:

    Thank you mr brown,your show had sounds out a lot of people’s heart in SG.Sigh…yes,i do envy the pay however based on what credit had been done for the pay increase.
    I believe that Singapore success is not only depend on one group of people but also hands of our fathers,grandpa and even us.Middle class and poor people are suffering.We are not earning as much.Their housing loan enough to tied us for works for 25 years.As for population problem,maybe elite people can born more elite babies out.I love kids however no money to raise one as i do not earn even 18000 per year.

  20. HaHaHa Says:

    Thanks MB! You put a comic twist to a corrupted reality :-P

  21. No Fear Says:

    To all the PAP supporter: Look in depth, study the situation in Japan, Europe, Taiwan and US. Compare these countries with us. Of cos, u mus compare apple to apple. So there is alot to compare! As one of guy in this forum mention, toilet cleaner to local toilet cleaner, garmen to garmen and persentage of ppl without jobs. WE MUST REM HOW, IN HISTORY, THE DANASTY FALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!REMEMBERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. clearmoon Says:


  23. TTT Says:

    Great execution yet again!

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