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Prepare for a great education that will land you great jobs!

This episode of the mrbrown show is sponsored by The Center for American Education and University of South Florida. Achieve your American Degree in Singapore. Polytechnic Graduates will receive advance standing. For more information, please go to

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30 Responses to “the mrbrown show: the right stuff”

  1. popagandhi Says:

    OMG.. thank you for doing this… it’s time everybody knows the truth — about my school!!

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  3. The Pride of the Lion City Says:

    Isn’t this a case of biased reporting since the Mr. Brown show is sponsored The Center for American Education and University of South Florida. Anyway, the ubiquitous advertisements about starting pay for graduates merely mentioned an increasing trend in the starting pay and not the differences in pay between universities. I do believe that SMU prepares its students well. This is why students in SMU should learn to take full use of the opportunities there to develop important skills. Yes, the workload may be heavy and the school may be highly challenging but the invaluable skills you learn would take you far. So work hard and have a little more faith in yourself.

    Nice podcast by the way, Mr Brown

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  5. Daryl Says:

    BRILLIANT! about time someone made fun of SMU! (I’m from SMU). Of course, a few of us decided to poke fun at ourselves (and school fees) too at see if you like it!!

  6. Nanyang Business School Says:

    with all e fan fare & hype, substance & professionalism will prevail.

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  8. gerard Says:

    I agree, being from SMU also, at the end of the day, some are with substance, alot are full of fluff. but have to admit, those with substance are really good. many times, its not due to the marketing that smu guys get the job, its more out of their effort.

  9. gaston Says:

    Hahaha yah yah please ah all don’t come k! It’s a lousy school, and assuming Brown’s reader population are mostly made up of intelligentsia (overcompliment?), please please please don’t apply! We don’t need any more smart people. We’re really lousy k don’t come don’t come! Go to NUS or NTU. Especially those with straight As and motivation, don’t come don’t come!

    Come and waste time only. Go somewhere else la! Don’t listen to all those people saying NUS/NTU credits are non-transferable if you apply to SMU. Bluff you one la, can one. I swear on your mother’s life! Don’t worry! Go try your first year somewhere else okthxbai

    With love, and loathing,
    Year 1 going on to year 2

  10. boogie Says:

    Hey where is the original article? Is there an online version or can someone post it up pls?

  11. popagandhi Says:

    Yes, don’t come.

    With love,
    Year 3 about to graduate
    and former school Advocate :P

  12. churchill Says:

    Mr Brown, I used to think that your podcasts were classy and funny, but obviously you are running out of ideas. Graduates need help to compete in today’s market environment. Before SMU came on the scene, did the other 2 universities have career services office to provide guidance for graduates in the job market? Some students have really benefitted from the help provided. Finally, using vulgarities in your podcast is really uncalled for.

  13. Ax Says:

    SMU behaving like our PAP huh. flowery descriptions to cover their ass.

  14. smu lover Says:

    churchill, I used to think that SMU students were classy and had a sense of humor, but I guess I was wrong. Poke a little fun at your school and use a little salty language (backside poker hardly qualifies as a vulgarity, I would have chosen “ass reamer”), and you SMU student got your panties in a twist. Brown was making fun of the hype universities create in the bid to attract students. The other 2 universities are just as guilty of this.

  15. bopshebopshebop Says:

    take a chill pill churchill

  16. undergraduate Says:

    do your research churchill. did you just assume the career services office only came abt bcos these 2 other established universities started shaking in their pants upon hearing abt SMU’s debut?
    that’s a pretty dangerous claim.

  17. Brenda Says:

    I too, am a year 2 going onto year 3 in SMU.

    And you, Mr Brown, I salute you because you hit the nail on the head. :P I am still in disbelief as to how many compulsory talks I’ve been forced to attend in the past two years I’ve been here, about “being a good SMU citizen” as well as the other repeated talks which claim to guide us in our future careers and blahdeeblah. (Seriously speaking, it is only through experience do we pick up career skills, not a 2 hour rambly talk!)

    But on the whole, I still love SMU (although their marketing strategies are getting more and more deplorable) because of how the classes are small, and how approachable the professors are. And … it stops there.

  18. Random phooey » Says:

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  19. Soon will cease to be a SMMUgger Says:

    I think the whole thing is but a whole load of bull lah…can you imagine them making you go for an internship briefing even though you already are gunning for the 2nd one? That’s so DUH~~. They said that there are changes in the policies. When I listened to it, well there wasn’t anything that I didnt know of. It soon became this “wake up” call, about how a small inv co. in china will pay the singapore graduate top dollar (read: the amt it will pay for a fudan uni mba grad) of……. RMB5K a mth! And how we’d shun the job becoz we convert the RMB into sing dollar. C’mon….if you really wanted the best of us (and to justify your sole existence), you should tell us to aim for the job in london where starting pay is at least 150k sgd..and insane bonuses.
    anyway i think this whole mktg blitz is crap. though i wun deny that the profs are wonderful (some of them). and i do like some of the mods tho i think some of the freshman courses are crap and can be done away with. seriously…i think u can get a better deal elsewhere. here…so stressful doing all the ptless stuff….suffering all-nighters just for some dumb thing like leadership -_-

  20. zHuAz Says:

    Those who talk the most, usually are the least confident of themselves. If you can compete on your feet, you don’t have to jump to catch attention.

    No, I am not talking about the students.

  21. kk Says:

    actually, i dun like 3 things abt SMU. 1) some weird networking events and resume tips 2) smuggers who 4.0gpa is juz good enuff 3) wastage $$$ in school events such as concerts

    everythin else still ok la… i cant complain much. this is sg le. no matter hw bad SMU is, when i look at other schs here, im glad to be here … lol

  22. woah!Woah!woah! Says:

    All of us are Olympiad winners, national sportsmen, entrepreneurs, published authors, accomplished actors, and performing musicians. Lets not forget the kind hearted overseas community volunteers, the amazing contortionists, the aspiring astronauts and nuclear scientists. We are the amazing bunch of over-achievers that will someday save the world from AIDs, MAD (mutually assured destruction) and the impending tyranny of artificial intelligence ala The Matrix. Neo? Neo? Red pill? Blue pill? Make it a double Red Bull! Neo, stop playing with the Neo prints!

    But I resent the plug for the University of South Florida. Those clueless farmers, the nerve!

  23. Smuggerton Says:

    I am proud to be an SMU student. Though things may be fluffy and seemingly painted to be ‘ the best ‘ , we are indeed made of substance and strive hard [ harder than anyone else ]

    Thats why we can make fun of ourselves. We have a right to. But if you are just a passerby or an outsider , I dont see how you have a right to. Freedom of speech is wasted on people who dont understand and yet want to make something out of it.

    Just a thought .

  24. popagandhi Says:

    Wow, what a typical Singaporean response to dissent.

  25. ernest Says:

    I’m not sure about the backside pokers…that one should be a matter of personal preference…but is there anything wrong with being a global dominator? each batch of graduates continues to take the sg labor market by storm. each and everyone of them receive letters and phonecalls by companies even before they graduate. each one of them thrives on intense work pressure and competition (of course the quitters have their say too). You gotta be inside the ’system’ to know what’s going on…and invariably, every system has its flaws that’re open to criticisms. An education in SMU is definitely not for the faint-hearted…there’s a reason why smu graduates are getting more…

  26. smooian Says:

    let the stats speak for themselves. yawn. there are things overdone at smu but at least we do things. just a thot.

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  28. Matthew Says:

    SMU (T)is overated. Definately overated. What can make SMU so different from NTU or NUS ? Besides the stress and wayang’ing, and with little structure in their course, combined with massive marketing, its just an empty shell that makes the most noise.

    Don’t forget, when employers look for new employees, they want substance, not some one that excels at baking cookies and cakes for presentations! 100% employment i doubt it.
    Maybe chefs and cookie companys might want to employ them.

  29. Chris Says:

    As a SMU student, I do agree there is something wrong with the statistics for both the average pay and the 100% employment. Cos no matter how marketable SMU students are, there are bound to be people who are way below par and still unemployed. Together with the low pay employed people, they would not have replied to this survey. And the respondents whom replied would of cos be 100% employed and the average pay of the respondents will be much higher, which of cos excludes the low paying audit people. Therefore this survey is skewed to paint a real good picture which it is not.
    There is a lot of hype caused by SMU cos it is new, and the other universities see the threat to their business faculty and other faculties, now including social sciences and law. In any case, if you really went out to the real world to work in. Substance does get you somewhere. But those that has substance with fluff will go the longest way. Experiencing it is believing. Do not just take a podcast for its words. Podcast is meant for laughter and humour purposes.

  30. hieu Says:

    it’s the key thing about SMU that it satisfies what students want about a business school. There is a good falcuty and good method of teaching. just don’t ever compare between SMU and NUS or NTU

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