the mrbrown show: the collection exercise

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Singapore applies its legendary efficiency to the Big Collection Exercise!

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 12 Apr 2007: the collection exercise (MP3, stereo, file size: 4.9mb, Time: 00:04:56)


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19 Responses to “the mrbrown show: the collection exercise”

  1. DOM the Clown Says:

    Dear Mr Brown,
    We peasants just pay our taxes and die. This island is not going anywhere too!

  2. Dezzo Says:

    Pay And Pay! Pay And Pay!

    Every five years, Pay And Pay!

  3. vvvsotong Says:

    aiya… the ministers aldy promised to donate the salaries increase to charities liao.. which charities??? 2nkf2????

  4. HHH Says:

    Singapore machiam like chelsea, cash like water flow……..

  5. Billy Tan Says:

    It is really an invisible Kingdom man! What they want sure jalan one. No one can stop, so why waste tax payer money to show show only in parliament!

  6. KAPUI Says:

    that lhl tok like it’s his own money to donate. It’s OUR money ok!!! if he sell backside earn one i got nothing to say. but it’s the taxpayers’ money lor.


    nice podcast, mr brown..

  8. No Fear Says:

    the donation is only for 5yrs only hor. after 5yrs they still get the money.

  9. No Fear Says:

    how long can we support them? Are they trying to suck us dry then retire? Spore is moving towards japanese life style. the tokyo comon ppl live like shit!!! if u worked there, u will noe.

  10. Bevin Says:

    Is it my computer or does the podcast end mid-sentence (after option A)?

  11. mb Says:

    hey Bevin, this happens sometimes. Just reload the page and download again. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks!

  12. passerby Says:

    it seems like we have tyrants as leaders!do we have a say?no.
    need to attract leaders with a sense of self sacrifice!?with a pay like these, wat sacrifices do they have to make?!
    blatant lies, blatant excuses!i wonder how they stand to see themselves in the news etc.
    and please, do people actually think they’ll actually get to lead a better life when they pay ministers by a few more million??
    agreeable or not, the pay is going to take place, we the citizens have no say!
    tat’s the way life is under dictatorships!

  13. Your Fan Says:

    “‘Leadership is key’ is one of the key principals our govt follows closely by”, Says the social studies book,”the govt does what they think is right, and not what is popular with the people.”

    Waliao… If liddat then they raise their annual income to US$3,000,000 also can… cuz its ‘right’ ma!

  14. Bionix Says:

    Peging Salary to Wee Cho Yaw whom own UOB and make the bank relevant to customer, I do not see Public Service as sacrifice. Which Eighty Millions alone in Marine Parade Town Council sunken fund…Guess they become greedy for $$$ and forget the poor & needy. Thanks Mr Brown

  15. Su Mengde Says:

    Why not endorse a semi-democracy and semi-dictatorship?
    Why not allow the civil servants to have a pay hike?

    Provided that the pay hike does not warrant the fall of Singapore, provided that having a so called “authoritarian” state does not cause Singapore to collapse, provided the civil servants are still doing a good job, why bother complaining about the pay rise?

    If Singapore stands to lose out in the long run because of the pay hike, then I would say that the pay hike is no good and agree with all of you. If it doesn’t, then I will support the move. However, I think the present problem is not with the government but rather with those who do not agree with the pay rise.

    If I were a tax payer, I see civil servants salaries as an investment in my future. If the investment turns out to be a flop then I would be against the pay hike. But now, we seem to be doing rather well. I see no reason to complain.

    Of course you may disagree with me. The comments section is something like a forum isn’t it? Thank you Mr. Brown for this wonderful podcast.

  16. J? Says:

    donating salary = donating peanuts. who needs peanuts when u can swim in shark fin? peanuts heaty somemore

  17. pissed Says:

    the thing is do they really need such a high salary?do talents work for the money or because of passion to serve the country?increasing pay does not equate getting the needed talents.
    anyway, its decided already even before the there is no use arguing.
    maybe the only gd thing is that we, commoners, are doing a gd deed. by doing charity with our taxes.haha

  18. Who Say No Says:

    Dun forget we Singaporean are known as only will shout for three days and every thing will be fine. Me also low income never see any increment but GST going higher and higher may be next one to jump MRT

  19. P/Y Says:

    As far as I know, some civil servants doesnt deserve the pay increment. My cousin in NSF sees some real situations where some people in some govt units doesnt go to work all the time or disappear all the time and they get paid well. The superiors and the govt is not doing anything about it. These people get paid without having to work. This is not keeping talents. This is wasting money on bums who doesnt need to work.

    Increasing everything wont help in the long run, be it for the economy of singapore or keeping talents.

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