This is just saaaad


Our friend sent us this photo of this suited do-gooder. And Spider-man he ain’t.

Still, we thought we’d add our own interpretation of the hero.

9 Responses to “This is just saaaad”

  1. NickLim Says:

    Eh… how to send mails to you? I’ve got another one in my com.

  2. mb Says:

    mrbrown at mrbrown dot com :)

  3. Hai~Ren Says:

    If I were that guy in the red suit, I’d want a mask to cover my eyes too.

    Not to be mean, but is he going to save people who fall onto the tracks? Catch phone perverts who take photos of unsuspecting young lasses? Haul people who eat and drink on the train to the police?

  4. SMART Moron Says:

    I have seen another one which says:

    Some Moron Attired in Red Thight - MAN

  5. Mac Web Hosting Says:

    God, this is just embarassing…. really!

  6. Unladen Swallow Says:

    Hey, if Peter Parker could do it in Spiderman 2, Captain SMRT can do it too!

  7. pigkong Says:

    SMRT-Some Man Really Trained,anw wads a VR man?

  8. ahtiong73 Says:

    Dude… They are sooooo kidding right??

  9. fazi Says:

    a few months back, smrt advertises for a corporate designer and i applied. heng ah i didnt get teh job….

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