Top 20 Asian Progressives, World Business magazine, May 2007

World Business

(Update: The magazine is now called Management Today and this is the new link)

I found out over the weekend that I made some list of Asian progressives put together by World Business magazine (they are associated with INSEAD).

I am Number 16, beaten by Hu Jintao and Li Ka Shing, my nemesises (nemesii? nemesi? nemesis’s?). The article mentions my blog,, and this podcast, calling it “sophisticated and hugely funny” and “a stark contrast to what is available on local government-controlled television”.

Nice to know got overseas listeners who like the show too.

I have to say that the mrbrown show is not just the work of one person but a very dedicated team of writers, voices, and production people. So if anyone deserves kudos in an atas business magazine (which costs S$25.90, I might add, so you KNOW it is a credible magazine because it costs so damn much), it is the team who works with me.

So many thanks to the mrbrown show people, past and present, who have worked on the show.

1 – Hu Jintao, the eighth General Secretary of the Communist Party of China and China’s paramount leader and president
2 – Raja Petra Kamarudin, founder of the Malaysia Today website
3 – Lou Jiwei, head of China’s investment agency
4 – Narayana Murthy, founder of Indian IT services firm Infosys
5 – Nguyen Tan Dung, prime minister of Vietnam
6 – Muhammad Yunus, founder of the Grameen Bank in India, which provides micro-credit loans to the poor
7 – Mahathir Mohamad, former prime minister of Malaysia
8 – Li Ka Shing, Hong-Kong founder of conglomerate Cheung Kong Holdings which embraces businesses including ports, telecommunications and electricity generation, operates in 54 countries and employs 220,000 people
9 – Jaime Augusto Zobel De Ayala, head of the Ayala Group, one of the Philippines’ biggest business groups
10 – Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary, founder of a string of businesses in Malaysia embracing property, hotels, power stations, rubber plantations, banking, retailing and construction and a charity foundation which has poured millions into building mosques, schools and hospitals
11 – Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, president of Indonesia
12 – Ratan Tata, head of the Tata Group, a family business based in India which is becoming global with businesses ranging from steel to cars to IT services
13 – Warren Lichtenstein, activist investor and founder of Steel Partners, a New York-based hedge fund
14 – Mahesh, Ajay and Sharad Amalean, founders of Sri-Lankan-based apparel maker, MAS Holdings
15 – Jaruvan Maintaka, auditor general, Thailand
16 – Lee Kin Mun (alias Mr Brown), founder of Singapore’s social and political commentary website, which averages 20,000 downloads per day
17 – Zeti Akhtar Aziz, governor of Malaysia’s central bank
18 – Tarisa Watanagase, the first female governor of the Bank of Thailand
19 – David Webb, Hong-Kong based founder of one of the best global websites devoted to corporate governance,
20 – Pushpa Kamal Dahal (alias Prachanda), leader of the Maoist Communist party of Nepal

12 Responses to “Top 20 Asian Progressives, World Business magazine, May 2007”

  1. darren Says:

    this is amazing… the only blogger up there…

  2. mrtan Says:

    yeah and the only singaporean too!

  3. daryl Says:

    no singaporean minsters at all? no wonder not reported in straits times or “today”..

  4. Bruce Says:

    The one and only Singaporean! You make us proud!!

  5. fazi Says:

    chebaah! power lah. listed with all those world leaders and economists kind. very proud of u guys. congrats!

  6. Jedd the Jedi Says:

    NICE! Well done to the whole team! This is amazing, especially that comment about “government-controlled television” and how the show is “sophisticated”. Very, very true. RAWKS! Oops, this comment has just been detected as the Singapore Secret Servce headquarters! haha, well done.

  7. fynyx Says:


    The plural of “nemesis” is “nemeses” (ending “is” becomes “es”),
    as also in “psychosis” & “psychoses”
    (try MSN Encarta or Dictionary .com).

    No other Singapore Lees made it to the list this time.

  8. Unladen Swallow Says:

    The only blogger? Sorry to burst your bubble fellows, but Raja Petra nearly takes the cake there. And it’s not often that we Malaysians get to truthfully claim that we are > you Singaporeans. ;)

  9. meepoktah Says:

    Kudos Sir Brown!

    You have single-handedly beaten the Monkey Lee!

  10. Kiron Shenoy Says:

    Kudos to The champions of the Asian Apparel sector -Mahesh,Ajay and Sharad Amalean!

    I am in Srilanka and feel proud & priveleged that I know them.

    They richly deserve the honour and as a group MAS is way ahead of a lot of leading gtoups in Asia.

  11. Ah Jan Says:

    Oops….palms bleeding…..

    Proud to be your fellow Singaporean.

  12. pract Says:

    6 – Muhammad Yunus, founder of the Grameen Bank in India, which provides micro-credit loans to the poor

    He is from Bangaladesh ..noble prize winner.

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