the mrbrown show: for this relief much thanks

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William tries to find out why he does not make the cut.

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 14 June 2007: for this relief much thanks (MP3, file size: 2mb, Time: 00:04:05)


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10 Responses to “the mrbrown show: for this relief much thanks”

  1. La-tee-fa Says:

    Just after my A levels before even getting my results( this happened THIS very year) i was invited to teach back in both my primary and secondary schools, though i chose primary school, qualifying to teach in a secondary sch is as simple too. This was the topic my frens and i debated on yesterday( i’m glad u guys touched on it). We were bloody surprised to find out that THE Alfian Sa’at got rejected. But then again, when we think about it, its no surprise… After all, the govt likes to flex its muscles once in while reminding us who is in charge. Obviously, the facade of meritocracy and democracy is a just a sham.

  2. fynyx Says:

    Taking on the lisping Shakespeare challenge,
    I could respond:

    The more thingth changeth, the more they thalt thay the thameth;

    They hath no playth (place) for the dithobeying;

    Thoth who would be true & freth,

    Thoth who would be honethly creative.

  3. Tim Says:

    if Alfian Sa’at is really a gay, then there is a valid reason behind his termination. It isn’t the government flexing his muscles or me being a narrow minded person or perscuting the one who is holding a belief passionately. Talent and performance is just not enough when it come to education. Having the correct moral values is the most important ingredient when it come to education.

  4. mrtan Says:

    If he was gay, was he teaching kids to be gay? was he talking about it and promoting it? All this is assuming you DO see being gay as being immoral (which not everyone does). How about teachers who go for abortions etc. should they be sacked too? mind you all these actions are perfectly legal too.

  5. kf Says:

    There is no restriction against gay in the teaching service. It is an open secret that there are many gay teachers in schools.

    Of course, it is an open secret too that the objection against Alfian Sa’at is more about his sexual inclination…

  6. Tammi Says:

    I can’t second guess what the ‘real’ reason behind him not getting the job.

    But to add to the ‘gay’ thread of discussion, I agree with kf - there are many gay teachers in school. For one, I think that the gay teachers that I’ve encountered so far are way more effective because they seem to connect better with the students.

    Maybe it’s not about whether he’s gay or not. Maybe it’s that they don’t want to hire someone who’s prolific and known to be gay? There’s a fine line between being okay with it and advocating it. Maybe they just don’t want to be seen advocating it.


  7. rich4747 Says:

    Such is the way of the world, and the world’s a stage
    Any odd being that strikes thee as queer would’st be rejected
    Dissidents that threaten thy throne would’st be silenced
    Be that as it may, twitch not at the roaring wind and rolling thunder
    For they who brave the storm would find the calm would fill thee with wonder
    And call to mind! Even the best of us have erred many a time, and sinned
    Tis are the stones I will not cast, lest they be of a new point we shall begin
    Hide thy visage with a mask, darkness be thy cloak of nature
    But the voices of your speech betray thee, cold blooded creature
    Speak of no evil, and hold thy thought, be silent you jinx!
    Ponder on why they protest too much, methinks

  8. fynyx Says:

    All this discussion about sexual preferences …

    I thought it was more about his political views?

    If this is true, then it’s been about barking up the wrong tree.

  9. Relief Teacher Says:

    its kinda ridiculous. I think its more of his political views rather than his sexual preferances. He is famous for some rather anti-establishment lines. A great artist he is. Sadly this is not something the government support much seeing how appalling our local art scene. Maybe the government does not want a guy like him to influence the younger “brain-washed” generation.

  10. TC Says:

    reminds of the show - Dead poet’s society - Carpe diem - sieze the day - where the great Robin Williams was also asked to leave the organisation in the end - because he made the students think, and he was way too controversial for the organisation.

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