the mrbrown show: ladies’ night

Ladies' Night
Photo by Yoshimai

Ladies night at the clubs isn’t really for the ladies at all!

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12 Responses to “the mrbrown show: ladies’ night”

  1. zhixiang8787 Says:

    the clubs are correct. no UFO(ugly fat old).

    how to attract the men, who are the real spenders, to the clubs then?

  2. ginola77 Says:

    This shows that the lonely woman in spore is getting more and more!

  3. ALoy Says:

    Freaking hilarious.

    Same practise in a “sue-friendly” country like US would probably result in a very nice retirement package for the “mature ladies”.

  4. NGUM NGUM HO Says:

    Having ladies night in the first place is already wrong if the discrimination argument is to be drawn in. Say NO to ladies night!

  5. irony Says:

    LADIES night….

    Are women blind to the irony that discrimination against the older woman is far exceeded by the discrimination against men???

    Whereas older women are up in arms about discrimination based on age when it works against them, they are perfectly happy to close both eyes when the policy of discrimination (based on sex) that is ladies’ night suits them. Irony!

    Wake up your ideas. Sex sells. Nothing is free. You’re selling your sex (appeal) to the pub for financial kickbacks. Prostitution. Why don’t we hear AWARE campaigning to abolish ladies night?

  6. Sexy Night Says:

    I agree with irony man.

    But face it guys, men’s night just doesn’t draw in crowds unless its held in gay world or something. The only problem here is with the nomenclature. Since its ladies night, ladies should be allowed in right? So I suggest that to be politically correct, let’s just change all the ladies night to cosmetically gifted women’s night. There should also be some written clause stating that the pub reserves the right to deny free drinks/entry to those who fail the admission criteria. You can also put up a sign board outside the club stating, you have to be this pretty to go in. It looks like those sign board next to roller coaster rides stating how tall you must be in order to get in.

  7. NGUM NGUM HO Says:

    Ladies only fight for what is of advantage to them. They aren’t really concern about the state of society(such as discrimination issues). This can be obvious when gender equality has ensued in our society yet women still demand men to act in the favour of them(such as opening the doors, pulling the chair out). I am not against that but i feel that they shouldn’t demand anything out of the opposite gender since both are of same status. Moreover, the laws are over protecting our women. I do not suggest scrapping that part of the statute but shouldn’t the rights of men be protected by the legislation as well given the gender equality situation?

  8. SpeedWeed Says:

    All Animals Are Equal But Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others.


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  10. Di Says:

    I find it ironic that the issue of discrimination is being discussed here with such stereotypical statements about women. I don’t know what kind of company some of the commenters keep, but I know many people, who happen to be women, who are aware and concerned about “the state of society” and even the world.

    Yes, there are definitely some who still dream of chivalry (and they have as much right to do so as the men who dream of bigger boobs and smaller waists) however, not all of us “demand” that chairs must be pulled out or that doors should be opened for us.

    “Ladies only fight for what is of advantage to them”? With all due respect, ANYONE is capable of that, woman or man. Before making such sweeping generalisations, I suggest widening one’s circle of female friends.

    It’s true that “sex sells” and clubs exploit and will continue to do so to stay in business. Rather than shifting the bulk of the blame to the “blindness” of women with regard to their participation in Ladies’ Night, this circus also continues because there is a demand for eye candy(or more) amongst the male persuasion. It goes both ways. Supply and demand- sadly, that’s how it goes and many a people or principle are trodden upon in the process.

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  12. John Says:

    Men have always been known for their chivalry. If they are treated well by women, they get treated better in return. If women want to be taken good care of by their men, they need to respect and treat their men with dignity.

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