the mrbrown show: the not paris hilton report

Paris report

Ryan and mrbrown report from Paris! Recorded live in our dinghy hotel room!

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 5 July 2007: the not paris hilton report (MP3, file size: 2.6mb, Time: 00:05:33)


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14 Responses to “the mrbrown show: the not paris hilton report”

  1. Terri Says:

    Dear Brown and Ryan,

    So poor thing to have to eat only chinese food and fried rice for the matter. I used to travel to Paris years ago and I am not sure if it would be the dame now. But to have 1 starter, 1 main course and a drink for 130 francs.(not sure what that comes up to in Euro) But then no need to suffer chinese food. As for the XXX street, you haven’t seen Amsterdam yet. Have fun!!!! Did you find the Da Vince Code?????

  2. "Dr.Bob" Says:

    Brown, no pictures of the place you stayed? Actually more interested with view outside your window. :)

  3. Mr brown sucks Says:

    ure so lame can?…..

  4. il_mare Says:

    What kind of business trip is this that u have to stinge on EUR 6 poer meal and stay in a 2-star hotel in the red light district without any air-con in the middle of the summer? Is there anyway not to accept such a posting? I feel so sorry for you guys, especially the air-con part. I stayed in a 2-star hotel in Milan once and made the mistake of NOT checking whether the room had air-con. … I did not sleep a wink for the few nights I was there. Good luck guys, hope you go home soon.

  5. wahlau Says:

    well, i was also in Paris 2 weeks ago. The food was really expensive… if you want some decent food, you should be ready to pay at least 15-20Euros. So chinese food is definitely the more affordable choice.

    McDonald and Quick fast food are also quite ok, ranging from 5-7 Euros. :)

  6. watersugar Says:

    I think the chinese food in europe uses the same “maggi” seasoning. One thing a restaurant in Germany told us was we should tell them “Please cook not for ang mo”, then they would reduce the three spoonfuls of salt :P

  7. eagle Says:

    I know that place in your picture! It’s a museum, but I forgot the name liao

  8. eagle Says:

    Louvre Museum…

  9. chong Says:

    you and ryan really got a sense of humor when you say a series of event and both of you will end abruptly with a ‘heermm’ like the sound of the nostrils letting out air.

    it repeated quite a bit throughout. you should listen to it. it’s funny. haha. a little uncomfortable. a little awkward but the ’sound fx’ was really a winner.

    let’s say it’s your OWNING STATEMENT, dota king. haha

  10. goodmeat Says:

    dood you sound so high

  11. dock Says:

    hello! i went to paris during the june hols and it rocks! vive la france!

  12. Sebastian Says:

    I am in France now. The chinese food here really shitty. I live in Apart’ Hotel so I cook myself. Its alot cheaper. Keep your money for sightseeing, not for food, its expensive here.

  13. Vince Says:

    Dislike France, especially Paris. The French refuse to speak English and are really stubborn bunch of people. And the whole city is not as romantic as what movies or storybooks tell. Prague and many other east europe cities are 10 times better thatn Paris. The only nice thing about Paris is just the Eiffel Tower. Full Stop.

  14. Surf Says:

    Hi, I am a Singaporean working in France. I am a fan of your podcast cos it helps me keep track of what is happening in Singapore.

    If you guys do come to france again , it would be good to visit the countryside. I could be your guide if time allows, so you guys don’t have to just eat chinese food.

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