the mrbrown show: withdrawal symptoms

Pension Minister
Photo by Daniel Dainty

Aim for more certainty with our new scheme!

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 6 July 2007: withdrawal symptoms (MP3, file size: 1.7mb, Time: 00:03:33)


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8 Responses to “the mrbrown show: withdrawal symptoms”

  1. daryl Says:

    i haf probs loading almost all ur podcasts lately.. is it only me? or ?

  2. marielwong Says:

    it’s still cool with me, but just wanted to say, that going overseas (was in melb for quite a few years), the MrBrownshow just did it for me. Something like but with real video people.

    Interestingly, when your away from home, home feels just that much more further, and anything familiar just becomes all the more personal. Still, it was great fun watching singaporean comedy, away from home.

    Now that i’m back, I miss the lifestyle overseas.
    On a personal note, i went overseas cause i flunked out my A levels with a C.C.O (cant compete, obviously), and in the pressure-ridden society we call home, that just is a no-no.

    Went there, did my degree ( a piece of paper) and now, I’m a writer. Life long pursuits, food for thought.
    Would I be the me now, if I had stayed, gone on to trying A levels again, OR drop out to poly?

    Maybe just maybe, it’ll be the same.

    For everything that’s different.
    We just need our parents =D

  3. fynyx Says:

    Next thing we know, there’ll be an arrangement with the god of the afterlife, for withholding our hell-notes-burnt retirement money, until prior-to-reincarnation / -rebirth / -never (due to eternal life after death).

    “Yeah sure, it was burnt-sent, but currently withheld at afterlife customs, for re-route to central postmortem funds …”

    There may also be arrangements to forfeit our controlled savings, if we had sinned too much, and committed the serious offence of falling into hell.
    Though I’m not sure if such a setup sits well, with the really-rich in this present life …

    And even for those expecting to be reborn, there is a next-existence policy, to help save for birth / growing-up / further-study expenses … the hell of it all, you’ll be lucky to ever see your money again.

    Who asked us to be Singaporean?

    — —

    Shoutout to -marielwong- (July 6th, 2007 at 4:31 pm), fellow writer:

  4. zhixiang8787 Says:

    yeah same prob here…whats up with the links?

  5. AnimeKing Says:

    hey mustafa is not mus-safa la! lolz

  6. AnimeKing Says:

    oops sry wrong page haha

  7. red balls Says:

    lol…the last part…”give me back my moneeeeey” was hilarious ,
    yup but you said it man…give me back my money.

  8. Daniel Dainty Says:

    Hey - thanks for using and crediting my photo. :)

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