the mrbrown show gets mentioned on Metafilter!


“A year after a reprimand from the government cost him a weekly writing gig at a local newspaper, popular Singaporean blogger mr brown continues to write and produce humorous podcasts that cover a wide range of topics, including government denials of homelessness, a controversy over selling condoms at a local university bookshop, and a crackdown by neighbouring Malaysia on blogger freedom of speech.”

Link to Metafilter post.

Thanks Lancerlord!

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  1. mdonley Says:

    I first heard you on your BBC World Service interview while in Indonesia last year - and I love your podcast now that I have internet and can actually listen! Seeing you on Metafilter made my day, and your “We Didn’t Start the Fire”-inspired history of Singapore had me crying with laughter. Keep up the good work!

  2. mb Says:

    I would love to take credit for We Didn’t Start the Fire, but that was Hossan Leong, a wonderful comedian from Singapore. He was a classmate of mine.

    The song was written by another close friend of mine.

    I also performed at that Talkingcock event but no this song.

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