Road Trip: San Diego Comic-con Day 4

This is Kunkka’s Transformers Soundwave MP3 player I was talking about earlier. You can use an SD card up to 1GB with it.

Yes, it actually transforms. Cool right?

It costs around USD100. You can also pair it with a pair of headphones that transform into Frenzy and Rumble.

We were very jealous of his purchase. Me? I managed to pick up a Corgi Shadow Stormtrooper Helmet mini-bust replica. Convention exclusive leh!

I wanted to get more, but I was so busy with work, I did not manage to queue for any of the good stuff. I was really wanting to get the Shadow Scout Trooper for USD25 but I had no time to queue.

Saw it later at a scalper’s booth for USD45. Wah liao, these booths selling stuff apparently cheong in at opening time on Preview night and buy up the good stuff to resell at their booths. Chao turtle!

Speaking of Kunkka, check out his autograph signing session with another Singaporean artist Kai at the Comic-con Upper Deck booth! Big time liao!

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