Road Trip: San Francisco Day 1 - Jazz at Pearl’s

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We drove to Columbus Avenue, San Francisco, at 11pm, and wandered around the street till late. This is Jazz at Pearl’s, a jazz club we stumbled into, along Columbia Avenue. Wish we had arrived earlier to hear the whole set of CJO Big Band with Duane Lawrence. Even with the tiny microphone of my N95, you can hear how rich their sounds are.

City Lights book store along Columbus Ave. Very famous one.

You can see the Transamerica Pyramid from Columbus, all lit up and pretty.

Cute little car outside Mona Lisa Ristorante.

Caffe Greco, where we had our latte and cappuccino, and some pie. Ryan was a little miffed I took the larger latte, because he likes his coffee to be in a big cup. How I know latte is bigger cup than cappuccino ah? Haha! The guy serving us thought we were Japanese and started playfully speaking what he thought sounded like Japanese. We said we were Chinese from Singapore, and he said, “Oh! Arigato!” Sigh.

Photos and videos taken with an N95 kindly supplied by our sponsor, Nokia

2 Responses to “Road Trip: San Francisco Day 1 - Jazz at Pearl’s”

  1. VFKK Says:

    To an ang moh all asian languages are the same… To an asian all european languages are the same…

  2. Mr Yellow Says:

    yes, indeed sigh!But I had it better: I had an ang mo asking how is now Singapore under China’s rule after independence? haha (pengz sia)

    indeed…A small asian island of some wealth but minimal influence on the world stage BUT with directors (Sorry, I meant ministers) paid top dollar for them to run the company ( opps, I meant country).. what to do?

    Sayonara, Brown!

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