the mrbrown show: the worshipping

the worshipping
Photo by Nemo’s great uncle

There are some rites that should never be started. That’s the tooth, the whole tooth, and nothing but the tooth.

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9 Responses to “the mrbrown show: the worshipping”

  1. songster Says:

    Sacred toenail… Man, I just love your parodies on local issues. Keep it coming!

  2. tanenci Says:

    Thanks Brown ..

    Even as a Buddhist myself, i see the blindness of tat monk who misrepresented Buddhism.

    Hope got next issue !!!

    remeber wat he says ?

    “The tooth is MINE !! why dun u go and check the one in china and srilanka first” ?

    This is such a unbuddhistic reply …

    maybe u will find this story below useful.

    Imagine a women who shoplifted some clothes at a departmental store. When she approach the exit, electronic alarms start ringing. The security guard stopped her and asked to check her bag. The woman refused. She shouted:”Why must I let you check my bag? I didin’t steal anything! Can you prove that I stole something here? This is my bag and will not let anyone touches it. You can believe what you want. I don’t care!!!”

    Do we need to check her bag in order to confirm her innocence? I believe everyone have the answer.

    Just like the “Buddha” Tooth Temple.

  3. tanenci Says:

    Paiseh … forgot to ask u .

    Can make the above into a podcast ?? sure can luff till pengzz one ….

    Btw … i feel like setting a stall outside tat temple and sell Buddha tooth leh … then plp ask me real or not .. i ask plp to go check the one in the temple first !!! hahaha

  4. Alvin Says:

    This pod cast is really cool! I can see misrepresentation. Well one can never be too late to know the Truth. Hey Mr. Brown and your pod cast team are really getting better.

  5. Aaron Says:

    I would like to give my opinion regarding the issues surrounding the Buddha’s tooth relic.

    I am not a buddhist although I am inclined to believe buddhist teachings. My family donated a sum of mony to the construction.

    Naturally donors and members of the public have a right to question the use of funds and the temple’s management has an obligation to address these questions.

    Donors should examine their own motives when they made their donation. In my situation, I persuaded my family to make a joint donation. We believed that a temple like all other religious establishments fulfil 2 functions. It is a centre of faith and give spiritual comfort to devotees and followers. It is also a centre of education and light that will educate people to achieve enlightenment (in the knowledge sense).

    By donating with these functions in mind, it no longer matters what the temple houses.

  6. TOC Says:

    But if the tooth is fake, and the person in charge knows it,
    then wouldn’t the faith, spiritual comfort and teaching be fake too.

    Just wondering since it is not primarily a charity institution, does it have to go through the same audit by the Commissioner of Charities. If not, wouldn’t the management of fund be up to the integrity of the person in charge.

    I am not a buddist, so the tooth means nothing to me.
    Is there anybody out there whom the tooth mean something comment can the tooth be respectfully checked for it authenticity, and does it really matter.

    So what do we want to see happen if it is a fake
    What is the buddist thing to do?
    Sell everything and donate to charity?

  7. Aaron Says:

    Let me venture to put forth a way to approach this Buddha relic issue:

    1. From the legal point of view, we should examine if donors who want their money back have any means of redress.
    2. Faithful buddhists should still consider how temples should be managed and what kind of image the buddhist religion and buddhists should present in a multi-racial and multi-religious society.
    3. Non-Buddhists can present constructive and balanced opinion but leave questions of faith to buddhists to sort out as a kind of ‘internal affair’. I am certain all other religions do not need non-followers to now question matters of faith as well as authencity of teachings, relics, religious icons.

    4. AND FOR THOSE WHO GOT NOTHING TO DO, go to bed and ask if there is god and then keep your answer to yourself.

  8. Jun wei Says:

    omg so good.hilarous

  9. karma Says:

    Are you saying no proof means no religion is valid?
    Be careful Mr Brown, you are not being wise by poking fun at religious believes. You too must have your own believes that could never be proven scientifically, either religious belief or others.

    Please be more considerate for others who have their rights to believe.

    You are also not a saint.

    Things that cannot be proven does not mean they are not real. It can also be interpreted that the current scientific development is not sufficient to discover and prove them.

    You can poke fun at even albinos, but please spare a thought for the listeners, not all have normal children.

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