Road Trip: New Zealand Day 3

Ryan and I had a pleasant time on the SIA flight to Auckland. Though the entertainment system was the older, smaller one, the time went by very fast with the selection. Though they really should not have a link to movies that don’t have a trailer.

Our 10 hours flight went smoothly. I reckon that the seats were as roomy as or wider than the Economy Plus seats on United. As Ryan said, so if the front section of a United airplane is Economy Plus, does that make the back rows we were at the last time, Economy Minus?

We’ve explored Auckland a little on Day One. Most of the time, we have been at the Bananas NZ Going Global conference or talking to people. We just came back from a 12-course Chinese dinner hosted by the Bananas people and the food was great. We ate till we could not move.

DJ Ants Fong, Retro Music Specialist and all-round nice guy who is attending the conference took Ryan and I for a walk around Queen Street and the colourful parts of Auckland on a Saturday night. We also went for a walk around Viaduct Basin on the first day we were here, on Friday. Quite pleasant but rather swanky.

We are watching TV now in the room. There is not much but TV in Auckland is interesting. You get to watch Lethal Weapon 1 on regular TV, with the swear words and boobs all uncensored. Apparently they pay up to NZD80 for subscription TV here, with sports. That’s a lot of money. Broadband and mobile are also very expensive.

Right now there is a chatline commercial on our TV, with a deadpan ladies’ voice saying “Looking for heavy teenagers? Text 4949″ and “Don’t forget our nasty ladies.”

Definitely much raunchier than the chatline commercials in Singapore. Ryan said, “NZD3.50 a minute and they can say ‘ONLY 3.50′”?

4 Responses to “Road Trip: New Zealand Day 3”

  1. Kevin Says:

    hey mr brown, i’m going crazy downloading tv themes from this site ..

    you wanna play that game again? guess the theme song??

  2. Terri Says:

    Avacado and cherimoya is in season in NZ. So is Macadamia beaumont that is if u are interested. Have fun in NZ. My parents live there.

  3. fynyx Says:

    Dear Kevin (August 19th, 2007 at 4:43 pm),

    Thank you for pointing out the link.

    It was indeed an addictive treasure chest!

  4. Phoenix Says:

    This Ryan guy is really annoying. Everytime I hear his grating attempt at speaking Mandarin, my ears hurt. He couldn’t speak Mandarin well and neither can he do English, why is he doing a podcast, I will never comprehend.

    I didn’t for one minute think he’s funny. In fact I think he’s in the wrong show, he should join Jack Neo and his fellow merry men.

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