Road Trip: New Zealand Day 5 - Mount Eden at night

We admired Auckland at night from the highest natural point in Auckland, Mount Eden. The lights were pretty and the view breathtaking, but dammit, it was cold.

5 Responses to “Road Trip: New Zealand Day 5 - Mount Eden at night”

  1. fynyx Says:

    Dear mrbrown,

    Thanks for the “see-bay-leng” (very cold) commentary — it gives a more real feel to what’s going on up there; certainly no Eden, as far as the dark chill goes.

  2. Jac Says:

    That is a really silly video. But can tell it’s really cold, judging from ur response, haha!

  3. Han Meng Says:

    why tape skytower? go gambling is it …

  4. Bevan Chuang Says:

    Been listening to Mr Brown since I’ve first heard you speak at the Banana conference. Glad to know you’ve stayed in NZ for a while. Yes Auckland is really cold at the moment - and going to the top of Mt Eden at anytime of the day can be bloody freezing. Hope you are having a good time here in Auckland and New Zealand!

  5. eden Says:

    HAHA! mount eden is my name?! i did’nt know such mountain exsisted!

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