the mrbrown show: of NZ strip clubs and other birds


mrbrown and Ryan talk about Auckland strip clubs and complain about the roads.

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 23 August 2007: of NZ strip clubs and other birds (MP3, file size: 3.6mb, Time: 00:07:31)


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4 Responses to “the mrbrown show: of NZ strip clubs and other birds”

  1. Jo Says:

    I’m a S’porean living in Auckland and I could not stop laughing when I heard the podcast. It is such a S’porean way of looking at the slow Kiwi life. Just wish you guys were here when the MPs were proposing new courses for tertiary education and prostituition was one of the topics they suggested to have, and maybe to provide funding for potential students. That would have been another hilarious podcast!!! Cheers and hope you enjoyed your stay here!!

  2. fynyx Says:

    (This reply is rightfully posted here, and not for an earlier podcast.)

    Hey mrbrown,

    Now you’ve done it: complaining about NZ roads & broadband, the way those tourists to Singapore, who assume they are liberal & democratic enough, complain about our lack of “the right way to live.”

    So you’ve earned their rightful reaction, to tell you, just like we’d do the same back to those tourists, “You’re no New Zealander. Go home.”

    ( ;-D, then bursts into mirth, rotflol )

  3. AL Says:

    The reason why they call it a Highway is such that you can travel at or close to speed between 80km/hr to 100km/hr. If it is a road, more likely you are only allowed to travel at 60km/hr.

    It is not the size that counts to a highways but how fast a car can travel on the given stretch of road that determine if it is a road or a highway or motorway.

  4. J Leo Says:

    Wow, I’m quite surprised that you guys actually complained about NZ. I’m still pining for the beautiful country after going there for a 3-weeks’ army exercise in January this year. I could hardly find any fault about the scenery, air quality and weather there. Simply breathtaking for me. Absolutely gorgeous place to be.

    Only thing I had a slight distaste about was a little bit of racism experienced in an Auckland strip club - you guessed it, Showgirls. I remember there was a MDIS-type of school just next door to it, haha, talk about irony.

    You guys should have just gone in. Entrance fee was NZ$12 or $20, can’t really remember. Regarding the coins issue, you can change them for their coupons. The coupons given were in denominations of $1 and $2, so you can rest easy about giving away small change to the girls. Alcohol was quite reasonably-priced as well. One girl will take the catwalk and strip off. Then she walks around and climbs the tables with patrons. You tip and she does a little dance and kisses you. If not, she just walks away.

    You can be selective about the girls. Don’t like, don’t tip lor. I gave one cute blonde about NZ$10 and requested to stuff it in her panties. She obliged and I had a fun time stroking her crotch. HAHAHA!!

    Come on lah, Singaporeans going overseas must try new things. Lots of fun stuff that cannot be found here can be tried elsewhere!

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