the mrbrown show: cow peh feeling

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We explore new names for an institution that has looked after our money for a long time. A long long time.

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 31 August 2007: cow peh feeling (MP3, file size: 742kb, Time: 00:01:30)


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11 Responses to “the mrbrown show: cow peh feeling”

  1. kf Says:

    haaahaha… cheat people’s feeling!!!

  2. zhixiang8787 Says:

    why does the papers keep calling the CPF a nest egg?

    inflations are leaking the yolk off the egg faster than the CPF interests.

    come to think of it…are the following linked?

    compulsory annuity…extended CPF withdrawals…highest record amount of singaporeans withdrawing their CPF at 2007…are they saying they run out of money?

  3. globe Says:

    huat ah … haha …. another funny one

  4. Reality Says:

    Man, u really hit the nail on this one.

  5. DOM the Clown Says:

    Dear Mr Brown,

    Here’s the latest edition of Bro Scroobal’s “Tales from the Istana”. This time, the two chums are planning to join in the protest on 8th September, 2007, 4pm at Centrepoint.


  6. DOM the Clown Says:

    Oops! Sorry…..I’ve forgotten to type the link:



  7. nonsense Says:

    Hi Mr Brown

    Although this has got nothing to do with CPF, this website has a very cool animation about our dear NS. Enjoy. (altho you may have seen it but nvm)



  8. Concerned! Says:

    There has been over 20 letters to ST forum page on the CPF issues. Apparently a couple of letters has clearly called the Government bluff and indicated that the Government has many things to hide.

    A well known academic from NUS has written a long article on how to deal with the aging issues without touching the CPF. His article has been kept in abeyance. He has been refused permission to send it for publication even to journals and publications. He had a long discussion with some officials of the CPF board and MAS last evening. He has also been asked to cancel his interview with the AWSJ which is scheduled on friday.

    There is an embargo on publishing any adverse or critical article on CPF policies. At best, only articles which praises the Government will be published. All emails and written articles are automatically forwarded to MoF and the CPF board for information.

  9. Speed Linking — Week of 9 Sep 2007 | Joie de Vivre Says:

    […] Again, when it comes to satirical podcasts, nobody does it better than Mr. Brown and his team with their top 10 new names for the Central Provident Fund. […]

  10. PAP Smear Says:

    Cannot Pay for the Future.

  11. adeline Says:

    ALAMAK, Mr Brown and gang.
    With reference to all the announcements related to CPF made in Jan and Feb 2008….
    No wonder the gahmen now make it 85 years old….
    yah…yah…..majority will now be getting the COW PEI FUNDS as Cash Prior to Funeral, leh….imagine…85 years old then get back COW PEI FUNDS….whaw lau!!!! just in time for funeral!!!!

    Hhhmmm…. some gahmen folks are paying close attention to your show and yup! Cannot Pay us back Funds is now truly CASH PRIOR Funeral funds :))
    Sigh. So much for travelling around the world after retirement!

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