the mrbrown show: pride and punishment

Death Note
Photo by huhwat

How did those people downloading anime get caught? The mrbrown show team investigates.

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 5 September 2007: pride and punishment
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24 Responses to “the mrbrown show: pride and punishment”

  1. Akaryu Says:


    I like the part of how “helpless” the ISP were.

  2. hann Says:

    anyone care to explain the pic?

  3. Samuel Says:


  4. Meowe Says:

    That’s awesome~

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  6. bangbang eddie Says:

    fuck you lah so rude

  7. Anti-Xedo Says:

    L will kill Kira!!!!

  8. genm79 Says:

    Good one. So True.

    BTW you not scared later they double 6 you for using Japanese Audio in the background? ROFL

  9. winsonkoh Says:

    should be longer, too short liao.. lol

  10. XYZ Says:

    Sequel No. 2 in making? Like to hear more on this. Great work on the analogy.

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  12. CYJ Says:

    Nicely done mrbrown! You are the best!

  13. Sodium Says:

    You guys rock!

    This really does make light of the situation. What confuses me is even if they served the downloaders with a lawyer’s letter that asks for a settlement for the downloads, what’s to stop them from reporting the downloaders to the authorities, who’ll probably serve them with a fine again?

    By the way, got sequel not? :D

  14. blaster2046 Says:

    good one!!!!

    Hoping for part 2!!!LOL

  15. shin Says:

    odex didnt send any lawyer letters at all, the letter threatening lawsuit were from odex using their own company letterhead.

  16. Haha Says:

    if wat shin says is correct, then odex shud be sued for FRAUD!

  17. huhwhat Says:

    Hah, nice to see my pic on a mrbrown podcast.

  18. AnotherOne Says:

    This is great! Really funny death note parody! But I thought starhub did put up a fight??

  19. Iridium Says:

    Can Kira write in his notebook?

  20. Mr Brown Show Podcast on Odex Says:

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  21. Kuroshi Says:

    whoot! sweet! something about the odex sueing people problem!! but i’d like it better if they insult odex more…haha ip addresses written in the death note…

  22. shao kai Says:

    dun insult death note..kira oni punish those who need to be punish hor..

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  24. JT Says:

    odex has the worst subtitles i ever seen. they made the most obvious translations AND the unforgivable typo error.

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